Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 72, Issue 10, October 2007: Product News

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Digital Load Control Monitors and Protects Pumps


The latest series of the popular compact PMP-25 Digital Load Control now offers versions for three phase and single phase industrial pumps. The PMP25 provides an efficient low cost solution to the prevention of damage to industrial electric pump motors caused by overload, jamming, loss of load, pump dry running or loss of prime. Manufactured by Load Controls Inc USA, the PMP25 Digital Load Control Series is stocked and available in Europe from sensing specialist Vydas International Marketing. The rugged polycarbonate sealed enclosure may be mounted in many configurations including on a door, wall or cabinet or inside the control enclosure. The unit is easy to install and displays true power (Volts x Amps x Power Factor) on a large easy to read bright red digital LED display.


Display configurations include % full load, Horsepower or Kilowatts. Both high and low power trip relays with adjustable start up delay and individual trip timers are standard features. The low power trip, when used to detect dry running, is up to ten times more sensitive than that of conventional undercurrent relays. The 4-20 mA analogue output and individual trip relays allow the flexibility of pump motor control and performance monitoring via external instruments such as Computers, Chart Recorders or Data loggers. The high power trip is provided for the detection of problems. The product is compatible with 3 phase motors ranging in size up to 373 kW, operating on supplies between 208V and up to 575V. A single phase version is also available. The unit is easy to set up with the front panel keypad and display with all setting seen at the touch of a button. A unique range finder toroid allows easy range set up, particularly when installing small pump motors. Flexible reset facilities include LOCAL - a button on the control front panel, REMOTE - via low current relay of switch and The PMP-25 is suited to a wide range of applications in industry and works extremely well with tasks such as protecting pumps of all types, including seal-less or magnetic drive, centrifugal, positive displacement, process and sewage pumps. In addition, monitoring electrical power and motor load, allows the product to be used to solve production problems like jammed impellers or bad bearings, in fact also anywhere electric motors are used, such as conveyers, fans, compressors, rollers, grinders etc.


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