Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 72, Issue 10, October 2007: Product News

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New Torque Sensors for Test and Measurement Markets


Amherst, NY (September, 2006) – Kistler is pleased to announce the expansion of high performance strain-gage sensors, which compliment Kistler’s existing piezoelectric and piezoresistive products. These new torque sensors enhance the product offering for engineers who require high performance, reliable sensors for demanding test applications.


Now available are the following models:

Type 0143SD with its strain-gage full bridge system and measurement of torque in any direction is ideal for use in screw driving assembly applications such as checking stationary screw spindles and torque measurement with handheld screwdrivers and wrenches.


Type 0170MS with smart technology (integral measuring electronics) and wireless signal transfer via telemetry is ideal for use in dynamic detection of starting torque and breakaway torque for bolting and assembly techniques and for quality assurance in laboratory and production environments.


Type 0260DM with dual-range feature (for applications with high peak torque and lower average operating torque) and overload protection, is ideal for use in testing electronic motors, generators, drive performance or spindle drive friction in automotive, aerospace or manufacturing environments.


Type 0325DF with flange mounting (requires less mounting space) and low maintenance with signal transfer via telemetry and integral magnetic speed measurement, is ideal for use in test beds for engines, dynamometer, wheel load simulation, gear boxes, pumps and electric motor applications.



Don Beehler

Marketing Specialist

Tel.: (716) 691-5100, fax: (716) 691-5226

E-mail: don.beehler@kistler.com

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