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High Dynamic Range Read Out Circuit for Photodiode Array



The NSC1101 is a high dynamic range read out circuit (ROIC) designed to interface with any photodiode array, through flip chip bonding. NSC1101 is of VGA format (640x512 pixels), it has a pitch of 15µm and can accept any PDA with p-on-n or n-on-p.


Thanks to its Native Wide Dynamic RangeTM of more than 120 dB the sensor does not require any setting or exposure time control.


NSC1101 can be used with all infrared sensing materials such as InSb, InGaAs or HgCdTe and can operate at cryogenic temperature of 80K. Other photo sensing materials such as AsGa for THz or XRay detection have been already successfully used.


NSC1101 is a sampling stage and can be ordered from NIT in an 8" wafer form.



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NSC1101 read out circuit for photodiode array



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