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Radiation Dosimeter DRGB-90

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The DRGB-90 radiation dosimeter gives audible and visible measurement of levels of radioactivity (photon rays, hard beta-rays and hard-gamma rays).  It can be used to check the background radiation in a house or workplace and check for contaminated products or food. The dosimeter is intended for use at temperatures from 263 to 313 K (-10 to 40 C, 14 to 104 F).


The radiation dosimeter is used as a portable handheld device.  The case is made of shock-resistant polystyrene.  Its indicators are red and green LEDs and an audible clicker.


Measurements of a level of radiation make on two scales. One (top) scale is for measurement of a level of radiation in microsievert. This scale has three parts. A green part is the presence of radiation levels comparable to the natural background. The yellow part is the presence an allowable level of radiation. A red part is the presence a dangerous zone.


Other (bottom) scale is for measurement of a level of radiation in microroentgen.



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