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RadarTron Microwave Moisture Sensor 1400 C

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Product Description


RadarTron was created to accurately measure the moisture of fine aggregates such as sand, crushed stone and other granular materials. Its microwave technology eliminates all errors associated with resistance and capacitance methods, guaranteeing an accurate reading every time. RadarTron 1400C gives you consistent concrete yield, consistent colour/texture, consistent workability, consistent strength and consistent durability. It is the only sensor with empty bin detection which holds the reading when material falls below the sensor, avoiding spoiled batches.


Easily installed in the bin wall, allowing insertion into flow region above gate. Measurement must be made on the material  flowing out of the bin, not the stagnant material against the bin wall. One-hole mounting allows installation in bin. Can be installed in sand without emptying the bin. The easiest sensor to install. The angle of the sensing head packs the flowing material precisely during the flow period so that measurement takes place on compacted material This is important in achieving the best accuracy. Flow averaging electronics gives an average reading over the flow period and holds this reading between batches, eliminating errors caused by dry or wet spots. It is essential to do these three things to get accurate results. Linear output does not require curve fitting techniques during calibration, guaranteeing good results. No separate electronics box is required.


RadarTron is self - contained. Insensitive to temperature; does not require temperature compensation as do other sensors. More accurate as a result. One-step calibration using PC-compatible calibration disk. RadarTron is one step ahead; no other sensor is this easy to calibrate! Can be calibrated to read surface moisture or total moisture. Stainless steel body and ceramic faceplate for long wear free life; The ONLY sensor guaranteed 5 years for wear and 18 months for internal electronics.




RadarTron has been proven accurate and reliable in hundreds of installations across North America, Europe and the Far East. A free 30 day trial period in your plant is available. Alternatively, it is possible to test a sample of "new " material to verify that it can be measured accurately. RadarTron is manufactured in North America, guaranteeing you fast service, repairs and parts. RadarTron is used by some of the largest concrete equipment manufacturers.







485SDA12/PS analog-to-digital converter

232SDA12/PS analog/digital converter, converts up to 11 RadarTron outputs into a single serial digital RS-232 signal.

Price: US $ 278.00

485SDA12/PS analog/digital converter, as above but with RS-485 output signal.

Price: US $ 289.00



Data Chart Graphic videorecorder

Data Chart Graphic videorecorder, single channel, displays moisture percentage as a digital number and graphic trend display with zoom and memory replay features.

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PCL-711S IBM PC compatible input board

PCL711S, IBM PC compatible input board allows up to 8 RadarTron 1400 sensors to be monitored simultaneously, includes data acquisition software.

Price: US $ 733.00





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