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Moisture Meters and Test Tools




Moisture Meter BLD5600

BLD2000 moisture meter

BLD5760 moisture meter

BLD5360 Moisture Meter

Deluxe Timbermaster Digital Moisture Meter Kit PR5605D by Protimeter


Deluxe kit includes everything for your complete inspection solution. Instrument is supplied with instructions, wood calibration table, 'calcheck' tool, 5" deep wall probes, flat probe with extension lead and a carrying pouch. The new Digital 5605 incorporates a range of design refinements and features that make it much simpler to use than the instrument it supersedes. The stylish instrument case fits snugly in the hand, so it can be used effortlessly for long periods and the new display is large for visual clarity.


Protimeter BLD2000, Mini Pin-Type

Moisture Meter


The most widely used moisture meters in the world are probably the Protimeter Mini series. These compact, general purpose moisture meters are used by building professionals and trades across the globe to check the moisture level of wood and masonry products for a vast range of quality control and dampness diagnosis applications. Check levels of wood and masonry products for a vast range of quality control applications. Measurment Range 6-100% Read out - 60. Calibration chart for over 150 wood species.


Protimeter BLD5760, Aquant

Non-Destructive Moisture Meter


Monitor moisture level of materials including plaster, masonry, concrete and fiberglass (GRP). Digital display that is synchronised with a colour coded LED scale. The color coded LED scale indicates the materials moisture condition. Not adversely affected by surface moisture. Hold Reading Feature. Range 0 - 99.9 %. It is ideal for checking the relative moisture condition of building elements such as solid walls and floors prior to more rigorous and time- consuming investigative procedures.


Protimeter BLD5360 SurveyMaster

Dual Mode Moisture Meter


The instrument is supplied with pouch, moisture probe, deep wall probes, calcheck and wood calibration table. The Dual Mode Pin and Non-Invasive Moisture Meter The Surveymaster is easier to use and gives more information than its predecessor. It incorporates two modes of operation - Search and Measure - that enable the user to distinguish surface moisture from sub-surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a dampness problem.


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BLD5800LH Moisture Meter and Hygrometer

Delmhorst Moisture Meter

Tramex moisture meter TR115

Moisture Meter Sonin 50210

Protimeter BLD5800LH  MMS Dual

Mode Moisture Meter & Hygrometer


Pin Mode Range 6-100% WME/Relative. Search Mode 0-1000 Relative. Hygrometer: Range 30 - 100% RH. Calculate the absolute humidity in the air (Grains per Pound; GPP). Includes data download software and cable for capturing and downloading up to 1000 results to a PC. The instrument is compact and simple to use, having a large liquid crystal display and a cluster of just four buttons for selecting the operational modes. It is supplied in a sturdy carry case together with the necessary accessories.


Delmhorst Dual Function (Pin & Pinless) Moisture Meter


Delmhorst Moisture Check Dual Moisture Meter enables you to identify moisture conditions by quickly scanning large areas. Features: Pin Mode (Invasive Measuring) 5/16" penetration with sheetrock scale and species/temp correction; RF Mode (Non Invasive Measuring) depth of 3/4"; Datalogging Feature stores up to 1400 stored readings w/Date & Time stamp;* Optional infrared linking capability w/ application software; Connector for optional external electrodes. 



Moisture Encounter Plus Non-Destructive Moisture Meter


Tramex TR115 is upgraded version of the worlds most popular and successful  non- destructive moisture meter. Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood, plaster, drywall, block, brick, roofing and more; Deep signal penetration to detect elevated moisture through most covering materials; Wider range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials; Hold Function enables user to freeze the reading; Automatic Default to last user setting when switched back on.


Sonin 50210 14% - 20% Moisture

Test Tool


Check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or allying floors or tile. Check decks before staining or sealing. Find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present. Detects level of moisture present in wood, sheetrock, carpets, etc. Helps select drier lumber.

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Sonin 50211S Moisture Meter

Lignomat G7926 moisture meter

Wood Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter

Protimeter TM

Sonin 50211S Rapitest Moisture Test Meter


This meter offers additional features and performances beyond those of a regular moisture tool. The 10 point scale corresponds to moisture levels from 10-28%. Scale and reference chart correlate relative and moisture percentage readings.

Lignomat G7926 Mini-Ligno C



Made in Germany, the moisture meter gives instant, accurate moisture readings between 6 and 20%, indicated by bright LED lights. This meter can be used for veneer, hardwood and softwood, lumber, fiberboard, hardboard and many other materials.

Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E 6-36% Wood Moisture Meter


6-36% meter. Gives instant accurate moisture readings between 6 and 36% indicated by bright red lights. Can be used for lumber (hardwood and softwood), veneer fiberboard, hardboard and more. Instant accurate readings.

ProtimeterTM Surveymaster SM Moisture Meter


The Surveymaster SM is 2 surveys in one, utilizing a search mode and measure mode. This moisture meter is able to perform penetrating and non-penetrating measurements. Supplied with spare pins, calibration device, durable pin extension head, deep wall probes, and a nylon pouch.

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