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Infrared Thermometers from Raytek, Mastech and MasterCool




Lase Thermometer, RAYTEK, MT4 Series

Raynger Mx Series non contact thermometer

Non-Contact Thermometer MT4U

Raytek Mini Temp Non-Contact

Thermometer, Laser, MT4

RAYTEK, 0 TO 500 0F


Model MINITEMP: Temperature range: -18 to 260 degrees Celsius, 0 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit; Distance to spot ratio:6:1; Circular laser sighting: Laser: Class II; Emissivity: pre-set 0.95; Display hold 7 sec; LCD backlight; Case: optional soft case; Power: 9V alkaline or NiCAD battery; CE Approved.


Raynger Mx Series Hi Performance Non Contact Thermometer (RAYMX2)


-25 degrees to 1600 degrees F; Adjustable emissivity, visible and audible high alarm; 99% accuracy, graphic display, current and maximum temperature; Includes blow molded cases


Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer MT4U 0deg to 750degF


Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer w/ Laser SightingThe MiniTemp is perfect for auto enthusiasts performing self diagnostics and for those tackling home improvement projects. 0 deg to 750 deg F (-18 deg to 400 deg C). Distance to Spot Ratio: 8:1. Typical Distance to Target (Spot): Up to 4 ft. 97% accuracy.


Raytek Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer Gun


Portable IR thermometers have become indispensable tools for automotive troubleshooting and diagnostics.  Temperature range: -18 to 400 Deg C (0 to 750 Deg F). Laser Targeting; Distance-to-spot: 8:1. Backlit display. Selectable Deg. C or Deg F. Optional wrist strap and soft carrying pouch.


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IR thermometer

Mastech Infrared Thermometer MS6530

MasterCool Infrared Thermometer MAS52224

Mastercool Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer with Laser Guide (8:1)


Take instant surface temperature measurements -4 to 932F (500C). This is the most compact pistol style thermometers available (just over 5" tall), and the only NIST certified thermometer for this low pricetag. One button (trigger) operation means no fumbling for buttons. Bright backlight comes on every time. Hidden switch for F to C. 8:1 Distance to Spot Ratio. Most compact (just over 5" tall).


Infrared Thermometer, with Built-in Laser Pointer, MS6530


Narrow 12:1 field of view (at 12" distance, measure 1" target). Emissivity: 0.95. Spectral response: 8 -14 microns; Range: -20 - 537 C or -4 - 999 F; Accuracy: 1%; Response time: 0.5 s. Laser power <1mW. This device is widely used in many applications, such as measuring temperature of inaccessible, hot or hazardous objects in Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Food & Beverage industries.


MasterCool Infrared Thermometer

with Laser MAS52224


Offers laser targeting accuracy, enhanced back-lit LCD display. Expanded temperature range of -2C to 50C, -4F to 932F. Compact design is simple to use and easy to store. Automatic power-off after 10 seconds. Display is 4 digit LCD, Field of view is 8 : 1, Emissive is 0.98.Accuracy is +/- 20C (40F), or +/- 2% of reading. Resolution is 0.50C/0.50F. Response time is 0.5 seconds.


Mastercool (MAS52224-A) Infrared Thermometer with Laser


A best selling and best value infrared thermometer kit. Popular pistol style grip, single dot laser accuracy, broad temp range, and a great low price! Temperature Range: -58 degrees fahrenheit to 932 degrees fahrenheit. New function button at rear of gun. New peak temp hold feature. Field of view: 12:1 Includes 1" Dial Size Thermometer (0-220 degrees fahrenheit).


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