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Thermometers, Megohmeter, Sound Level Meters

Fluke and EXTECH Instruments Corp.)

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Thermometer Fluke 52-2

Thermometer Fluke 53-2

Thermometer Fluke 54

Fluke 61 Infrared Thermometer

Thermometer, Dual Input, Fluke 52-2, Noise Rejection


Offers high accuracy with fast response times to quickly capture your measurement and show you trends. Features: Thermocouple Types: K, J, T, E; Dual Inputs; Time Stamp: Relative Time; Splash/Dust Resistant; Dual Display with Backlight; Min/Max.Avg Record; (T1-T2) Readout; Measurement Range: -418 degrees F to 2501 degrees F; Display Resolution: 0.1 degree C/F/K <1000 degree 1 degree C/F/K greater than 1000 degrees.


Thermometer, Single Input,
Fluke 53-2, Type K,J,T,E


Offer high accuracy with fast response times to quickly capture your measurement and show you trends. Features: Thermocouple Types: K, J, T, E, R, S, N; Single Input; Dual Display with Backlight; Min/Max/Avg Record; Logging up to 500 points; IR Port to download to PC; Measurement Range: -418 degrees F to 2501 degrees F; Display Resolution: 0.1 degrees C/F/K <1000 degrees 1 degrees C/F/K greater than 1000 degrees.


Thermometer, Fluke 54, Dual Input, Calibration Certificate


This full function handheld scanning, recording thermometer provides fast response, 0.05 % accuracy and displays temperature in C, F or Kelvin. Dual input type J, K, T, E, R, S, N thermocouples; Data Logging up to 500 points of data with user adjustable recording interval. IR communication port. Real time clock captures the exact time of day when events occur. Recall function allows logged data to be easily reviewed on the meter display.


Fluke 61 Infrared Thermometer, -18 to 525 Deg. Fahrenheit


Temperature Range: 0F to 525F (-18C to 275F); Distance to Spot Ratio: 8:1; Accurcy: 3 C (5F) for targets between -18C (0F ) to -1C (30F); 2 of reading or 2C (3.5F for targets above -1C (30F) to 275C (525F ). Bright laser beam provides easy targeting. Backlight illuminates the screen in the dark Automatic sleep mode after 7 seconds

Batteries, plastic storage case or holster, operators guide and user manual. 2-Year conditional warranty.

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Thermometer Fluke 65

Thermometer 7800

Extech EX470

Fluke 1520 Megohmeter

 Thermometer, Infrared, Fluke 65, Non-Contact


The Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer provides quick non-contact temperature measurement with 0.1 resolution up to 200 (1 resolution above 200). Bright laser beam provides easy targeting. The advanced microprocessor allows to save a temperature into memory for later reference. The temperature reading less than 1 second. The Fluke 65 is the ideal tool for measuring surface temperatures of rotating, hard-to-reach, electrically live, or dangerously hot targets.


TIF Long RangeNon-Contact Infrared Thermometer 7800 


Wide temperature range. + or - 2% Accuracy. degree F/ degree C switchable. Easy to read 1/2" LCD. 3:1 Optics. Surface Mount Technology. 9V Battery powered. Durable Carrying Case. Specifications: Temperature Range - 0 degree to 600 degree F (-18 degree to 315 degree C). Resolution - 1 degree F (1 degree C). Accuracy - + or - 2% of reading, +1 digit; or 3 degree F/2 degree C (whichever is greater). Target Size/Field of View - 3:1.


Extech EX470 True RMS Multimeter + IR thermometer


The combination true RMS multimeter and IR thermometer. The temperature range from -4 to 518 F (-20 to 270 C) without contact. Multimeter functions include AC/DC voltage to 600V, AC/DC current to 20A, resistance to 40M, continuity and diode test. Also includes Type K thermometer for contact or air temperature measurements from -4 to 1832 F (-20 to 750 C). Advanced functions include Capacitance, Frequency and Duty Cycle.


Fluke 1520 Megohmeter, Insulation,

 Resistance Tester, Tests 1000 V


The megohmmeter test wiring and motor insulation, ground connections and continuity. It also measures voltage and checks connections with its Lo-Ohms functions. Features: LCD with analog bar graph and digital display; 250V, 500V and 1000V output voltage for insulation resistance testing; insulation testing up to 4000 MOhm; AC/DC measurement up to 600V; auto discharge of capacity voltage charges. 3-year warranty. CE approved.


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Sound Level Meter

Extech 407764

Digital Temperature Meter TM902

AEMC CA876 type-K thermometer

Sound Level Meter 407740

EXTECH Instruments Corp.


Just the facts: meets IEC 651/ANSI S1.4: TYPE 2; microphone type: 1/2" condenser; range (dB): 30 to 130dB; frequency weighting: A & C; accuracy: +/-1.5dB; resolution: 0.1dB; display type: 3-1/2 digit LCD; analog output: AC & DC; Max hold - Fast/Slow response.


Extech 407764 Datalogging Sound
Level Meter


Type 2 meter with datalogging memory for 16,000 records, PC interface RS-232 and software. Measuring range from 30 to 130dB. 1.5dB accuracy meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards. Max Hold function. Selectable A or C weighting, Fast or Slow response. Large LCD.


Digital Temperature Meter



Compact, pocket-sized, 3.5 digit Temperature Meter K Type Thermocouple. This meter is extremely convenient for the on the go professional or for general lab measurements. Accuracy 0.75% for -58F-752F (-50C - 400C) range and 0.1% for 753F-1382F (401C - 750C) range.


 Infrared Thermometer,



Range -4 degree to 1022 degree F or -20 degree to 550 degree C. Accuracy: +/-2 percent Reading or +/-6 degree F/3 degree C >/- 212 degree F(100 degree C). Response time: 1 second. Emissivity: Adjustable 0.10 to 1.00. Sensor: Thermopile. K thermocouple. Accuracy: -40 degree to 2000 degree F: +/-0.1 %.


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