Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 21, 2


Date: June 2010




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Flow Measurement and Instrumentation: A time of change for the journal
Page 79
Keith Lambert


Discharge characteristics of a trench weir
Pages 80-87
S. Kumar, Z. Ahmad, Umesh C. Kothyari, M.K. Mittal


CFD prediction of the effects of the upstream elbow fittings on the performance of cone flowmeters
Pages 88-97
Rajesh Kumar Singh, S.N. Singh, V. Seshadri


White-light speckle photography technique applied for free convection heat transfer problems
Pages 98-104
D. Ambrosini, D. Paoletti, R. Di Biase


Comparison of Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Doppler Anemometry measurement methods applied to the oil–water flow in horizontal pipe
Pages 105-117
W.A.S. Kumara, G. Elseth, B.M. Halvorsen, M.C. Melaaen


Flow measurement using circular sharp-crested weirs
Pages 118-122
Ali R. Vatankhah


Practical considerations for validity of constant temperature anemometer flow measurements in industrial applications
Pages 123-127
M.A. Ardekani, F. Farhani


Feasibility of an accurate dynamic standard for water flow
Pages 128-133
I.I. Shinder, M.R. Moldover


Compensation for Joule–Thomson effect in flowrate measurements by GMDH polynomial
Pages 134-142
Ivan Maric, Ivan Ivek


Gas mass-flow meters: Principles and applications
Pages 143-149
Manuel Arlindo Amador de Matos, Viviana da Silva Ferreira


The measurement of discharge using a commercial digital video camera in irrigation canals
Pages 150-154
Ming-Ching Lee, Jan-Mou Leu, Hsun-Chuan Chan, Wei-Che Huang


Experimental and numerical study of the sweep effect on three-dimensional flow downstream of axial flow fans
Pages 155-165
J. Hurault, S. Kouidri, F. Bakir, R. Rey


Simple methods for low speed calibration of hot-wire anemometers
Pages 166-170
Emrah Özahi, Melda Özdinç Çarpınlıoǧlu, Mehmet Yaşar Gündoǧdu



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