Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 23/1



Date: March 2012




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Development of a liquid-flow pulsator
Pages 1-8
A. Svete, J. Kutin, I. Bajsić, J. Slavič


Development of the Gibson method—Unsteady friction
Pages 19-25
P.P. Jonsson, J. Ramdal, M.J. Cervantes


Design and accuracy analysis of pneumatic gauging for form error of spool valve inner hole
Pages 26-32
Jun Liu, Xudong Pan, Guanglin Wang, Aoyu Chen


Velocity measurement of near-wall flow over inclined and curved boundaries by extended interfacial particle image velocimetry
Pages 33-39
Thien Duy Nguyen, John Craig Wells, Chuong Vinh Nguyen


Laboratory validation of acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) techniques for suspended sediment investigations
Pages 40-48
M. Guerrero, N. Rüther, R.N. Szupiany


Optical tomography: Velocity profile measurement using orthogonal and rectilinear arrangements
Pages 49-55
Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Yusri Mohd Yunos, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Siti Zarina Mohd Muji, Chiam Kok Thiam, Herlina Abdul Rahim


Estimation of volume fractions and flow regime identification in multiphase flow based on gamma measurements and multivariate calibration
Pages 56-65
Benjamin Kaku Arvoh, Rainer Hoffmann, Maths Halstensen


A new constrained hierarchical reconstruction method for electrical capacitance tomography
Pages 66-75
Samir Teniou, Mahmoud Meribout, Thuraya Al-Hanaei, Fatima Al-Zaabi, Rehab Banihashim, Sameya Al-Ghafri


Analytical solution for water surface profile along a side weir in a triangular channel
Pages 76-79
Ali R. Vatankhah



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