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Date: August 2012





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Special Issue: Multiphase Flows



Measurement techniques for multiphase flows

Page 1
Yong Yan, Ningde Jin

Optical Measurement Techniques



Optical measurement of evaporation processes using microstructured evaporators

Pages 2-7
S. Maikowske, A. Vittoriosi, J.J. Brandner



A newly developed photoelectric optical fiber probe for simultaneous measurements of a CO2 bubble chord length, velocity, and void fraction and the local CO2 concentration in the surrounding liquid

Pages 8-19
Masahiro Yamada, Takayuki Saito



On-line measurement of particle size and shape distributions of pneumatically conveyed particles through multi-wavelength based digital imaging

Pages 20-28
Lingjun Gao, Yong Yan, Gang Lu, Robert M. Carter



Three-dimensional feature parameters measurement of bubbles in gas–liquid two-phase flow based on virtual stereo vision

Pages 29-36
Ting Xue, Liqun Qu, Zhaofeng Cao, Tao Zhang

Process Tomography



Fast reconstruction of electrical resistance tomography (ERT) images based on the projected CG method

Pages 37-46
Qi Wang, Huaxiang Wang, Ziqiang Cui, Yanbin Xu, Chengyi Yang



An optimisation method for the over-zero switching scheme

Pages 47-52
Jiabin Jia, Mi Wang



Landweber iterative algorithm based on regularization in electromagnetic tomography for multiphase flow measurement

Pages 53-58
Ze Liu, Guoyin Yang, Nan He, Xiaoying Tan



Image reconstruction for an Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) system based on a least squares support vector machine and bacterial colony chemotaxis algorithm

Pages 59-66
Hongmei Wang, Hong-li Hu, Li-juan Wang, Hua-xiang Wang

Sensor and Method



Design of capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection sensor

Pages 67-70
Zhiyao Huang, Jun Long, Wenbo Xu, Haifeng Ji, Baoliang Wang, Haiqing Li



Normalized least-square method for water hold-up measurement in stratified oil–water flow

Pages 71-80
Wenfeng Xu, Lijun Xu, Zhang Cao, Jianjun Chen, Xingbin Liu, Jinhai Hu



Measurement of gas entrainment from stationary liquid slug in horizontal tube with double-sensor conductivity probe

Pages 81-91
Xin Wang, Tongji Wang, Limin He



Measurement and investigation on the deformation and air-assisted breakup of charged droplet

Pages 92-98
Yuan-Ping Huo, Jun-Feng Wang, Wen-Long Mao, Zhen-Tao Wang, Zi-Wen Zuo



The influence of windows on infra-red temperature measurements for solids’ mass flow rate determination

Pages 99-103
M. Kato, J.R. Pugh, D. McGlinchey



Local particle mean velocity measurement using electrostatic sensor matrix in gas–solid two-phase pipe flow

Pages 104-112
Jian Li, Chuanlong Xu, Shimin Wang



An auxiliary measuring technology of wet gas flow based on the vibration signals of the pipe

Pages 113-119
Yanfeng Geng, Feifei Ren, Chenquan Hua








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