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Aim and Scope:


International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) aims to support conference proceedings publications including the Open Access format. Essentials to publish qualified and highly visible conference proceedings are the most desired mission to publish, launch and disseminate renowned conference proceedings editions in broad themes and topics of basic and applied sciences and technology. Conference organizers are invited to submit their inquiries to IFSA publishing division in order to plan for a proceeding edition. Submission link


Proposals Evaluation:


Upon receiving a proposal from conference organizers or editors, a fast internal evaluation by IFSA academic editors will be initiated. This process enables IFSA editors to check the authenticity and originality of received proposals. Once a proposal is confirmed, IFSA editors will get in touch with conference organizers or editors with an exclusive agreement to publish the proceeding edition.



Quality Check Indicators:


IFSA has a strict policy to publish qualified, certified and endorsed conference proceedings referred by academic communities and scientific associations. Predatory or questionable conferences will not be evaluated or considered for publishing in IFSA proceedings editions. In addition, IFSA is committed to follow standards and terms of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Plagiarized contents won’t be evaluated to publish in proceedings editions and papers are published under CC BY license, Open Access format.


Visibility and Indexing:


IFSA is committed to publish qualified proceedings editions and submit the released editions for possible inclusion and indexation in major citations databases such as Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics and Scopus by Elsevier. Although IFSA proceedings have indexed records in Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI), Web of Science; there is no warrant to index the whole editions in citation databases. In the meantime, up to 150 papers published by IFSA proceedings editions have been recorded and indexed in Web of Science.



Publishing Process:


After evaluating the proposals and confirming them with conference organizers and editors, an agreement between IFSA and conference organizers must be signed to perform the publishing process. IFSA is committed to publish and release the proceedings editions in a rational duration of 3-4 weeks after receiving the whole parts of manuscripts and proceedings papers. IFSA proceedings editions are publishable in Open Access format, which means creating standard papers in PDF with free accessibility to readers under CC BY license.


Pricing Terms:


IFSA does not charge initial submission fee for arranged proposals and there is only a minimal and competitive charge for hosting the contents and preparing the essential standards of producing qualified proceedings editions. Terms of payment and pricing charge are mentioned and noted in exclusive agreements between IFSA and conference organizers.


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