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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine and Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news, end-use application news, information on upcoming events for MEMS and sensors professionals, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science, industry and markets. The Newsletter reports the latest developments in sensor industry as it happens from leading research centers, universities and manufacturers. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), No.1-2, January-February 2015

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Bullet In this Issue:


1.   Sensors & Transducers journal, Vol.184, Issue 1, January 2015

2.   New sensors and measurements related books published by IFSA Publishing, S.L.

3.   Editorial Calendar with the scheduled list of special and thematic journal's issues 2015/2016

4.   Jobs: Guests Editors on payment basis (a few positions are still opened)

5.   'Sensors & Signals' Book Series: Call for Chapters

6.   Conferences, sponsored by IFSA

7.   Subscription

8.   Additional Information, Comments, Suggestions


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal and Magazine (e-Digest),
Vol. 184, Issue 1, January 2015


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-Vol. 184, Issue 1, January 2015: Sensor Devices, Technologies and Applications




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 Bullet New Book Published by IFSA Publishing, S.L.



Displacement Measurement

by Maria Teresa Restivo, Fernando Gomes de Almeida, Maria de Fátima Chouzal


The Human Eye: an Intelligent Optical Sensor (The Inverted Retina: a Diffractive-optical Correlator)

by Norbert Lauinger


 Displacement Measurement book's cover

Publisher: IFSA Publishing, S. L.

Hardcover: 100 pages

Pubdate: 11 December 2014

ISBN: 978-84-617-3599-0

e-ISBN: 978-84-617-3617-1



More details and orders ...

 The Human Eye: an Intelligent Optical Sensor book's cover

Publisher: IFSA Publishing, S. L.

Hardcower: 510 pages

Pubdate: 5 November 2014

ISBN: 978-84-617-2934-0

e-ISBN: 978-84-617-2955-5



More details and orders ...



For more sensors books please visit our IFSA Publishing web page



Bullet Editorial Calendar


The Sensors & Transducers journal's Editorial Calendar is now available. The following special/thematic journal's issues are scheduled for publication in 2015/2016:

For more details please check our Editorial Calendar



Bullet Jobs: Sensors & Transducers journal: Guest Editors Wanted


Sensors &Transducers journal: Guest Editors Wanted. The Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN: 2306-8515, e-ISSN 1726-5479) is looking for Guest Editors on a payment basis on a diversity of topics:

  • Sensor Instrumentation, Data Acquisition Systems and Virtual Instruments

  • Physical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Biosensors, Immunosensors

  • Smart Sensors and Intelligent Sensor Systems

  • MEMS and Modern Technologies

  • Sensor Buses, Interfaces and Protocols

  • Electronic Circuits, Signal Conditioning and ASIC for Sensors

  • Sensor Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Sensors and Transducers Applications

  • TEDS Sensors, IEEE 1451 Standards

  • Soft Sensors and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

  • Nanosensors, Nanodevices and NEMS

  • Sensor Market Trends

  • Remote Sensing

  • Sensor Fusion

  • Sensing Materials

  • Other (should be discussed with the Editor-in-Chief)

More details about the journal is available at journal's home page

The guest editors will be responsible for distribution of Call for Articles (we will help with this) and collection of articles for special, regular, supplement or conference's issues.We appreciate collaborations with scholars all over the world. Guest Editors can suggest a hot topic and approaches colleagues from the same research field to contribute an articles to our journal's issues. The number of articles from Guest Editors are not limited.

Each of guest editor will earn 25 % from publication fees, paid for collected and published articles.

Example: A guest editor has collected 15 articles from Upper Middle Income countries: 10 articles for standard publication and 5 articles for rapid publication:
10 x 470.00 EUR + 5 x 680.00 EUR = 4700 + 3400 = 8100 EUR. The commissions for the guest editor will be the following: 8100/100 x 25 = 2025.00 EUR

Please send e-mail of interest with your CV to Editor-in-Chief Prof. Sergey Y. Yurish at editor@sensorsportal.com



Bullet 'Sensors & Signals' Book Series: Call for Chapters


Published by: International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) In collaborating with: Asia Society of Applied Mathematics and Engineering (Asia-SAME)

Indexing/Abstracting: All of published series will send for indexing and coverage by SCOPUS, Ei Compendex (Engineering Village), ISI (Thomson Reuters).



Topics of Interest Include (but not limited to):

  • Sensors for 'Smart Grid' systems, green networks, and sustainability

  • Computation and programming models

  • Energy models, minimization, awareness

  • Distributed collaborative information processing

  • Detection and tracking

  • Theoretical performance analysis: complexity, correctness, scalability

  • Abstractions for modular design

  • Fault tolerance and security

  • Languages, operating systems

  • Task allocation, reprogramming and reconfiguration

  • Dynamic resource management

  • Scalable, heterogeneous architectures (node and system-level)

  • Middleware interfaces, communication and processing primitives

  • Design, simulation and optimization tools for deployment and operation

  • Design automation and application synthesis techniques

  • Closed-loop control for sensing and actuation

  • Case studies: lessons from real world deployments

  • Network coding and compression

  • Mobile sensing applications

  • Integration between distributed sensor systems and the cloud

  • Sensor networks powered by autonomous robots

Also, EXTENDED CONFERENCES PROCEEDINGS are welcome to submit. You can submit all of proceedings papers (AS EXTENDED EDITIONS) directly to series editor. (In this case, please mention the name, URL, date and venue of conference).


More details are available at IFSA Publishing








Bullet NetWare 2015 Conferences Umbrella: Sensors Related Conferences
     August 23-28, 2015 - Venice, Italy


1) The 6th International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications (SENSORDEVICES' 2015)


Topics of interest:

  • Ultrasonic and Piezosensors

  • Photonics

  • Infrared

  • Gas Sensors

  • Geosensors

  • Sensor device technologies

  • Sensors signal conditioning and interfacing circuits

  • Medical devices and sensors applications

  • Sensors domain-oriented devices, technologies, and applications

  • Sensor-based localization and tracking technologies

  • Sensors and Transducers for Non-Destructive Testing

Deadline for papers: 24 March 2015


More details are available on the SENSORDEVICES' 2015 conference web page



2) The 9th International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM' 2015)


The conference has the following independents tracks:

  • APASN: Architectures, protocols and algorithms of sensor networks

  • MECSN: Energy, management and control of sensor networks

  • RASQOFT: Resource allocation, services, QoS and fault tolerance in sensor networks

  • PESMOSN: Performance, simulation and modelling of sensor networks

  • SEMOSN: Security and monitoring of sensor networks

  • SECSED: Sensor circuits and sensor devices

  • RIWISN: Radio issues in wireless sensor networks

  • SAPSN: Software, applications and programming of sensor networks

  • DAIPSN: Data allocation and information in sensor networks

  • DISN: Deployments and implementations of sensor networks

  • AIS: Atmospheric Icing and Sensing

  • UNWAT: Under water sensors and systems

  • ENOPT: Energy optimization in wireless sensor networks

Deadline for papers: 24 March 2015


More details are available on the SENSORCOMM' 2015 conference web page



3) The 8th International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics (CENICS' 2015)


Topics of interest:

  • Semiconductors and applications

  • Design, models and languages

  • Signal processing circuits

  • Arithmetic computational circuits

  • Microelectronics

  • Electronics technologies

  • Special circuits

  • Consumer electronics

  • Application-oriented electronics

Deadline for papers: 24 March 2015


More details are available on the CENICS' 2015 conference web page



4) The 9th International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies (ICQNM' 2015)

  • NBIOSENS: Nano/Biosensing

  • QTECH: Quantum technologies

  • QSEC: Quantum security

  • NTECH: Nano technologies

  • MTECH: Micro technologies

  • APPDOM: Application nano/micro domains

  • MATERIALS: Nano and micro materials and properties

  • FLUIDICS: Microfluidics and nanofluidics

  • SUPER: Superconductivity, materials and applications

  • NBR: Nano and bio robotics

Deadline for papers: 24 March 2015


More details are available on the ICQNM' 2015 conference web page



In addition, the following tracks will be organized for each of conferences:






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Handbook of Laboratory Measurements






CENICS' 2015 conference



ICQNM' 2015 conference


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