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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news, end-use application news, information on upcoming events for MEMS and sensors professionals, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science, industry and markets. The Newsletter reports the latest developments in sensor industry as it happens from leading research centers, universities and manufacturers. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), No.1, January 2012

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1.   Sensors & Transducers Magazine (e-Digest) and journal, Vol.136, Issue 1, January 2012

2.   Sensors & Transducers journal, Special Issue 13, December 2011

3.   Sensors Web Portal Up-dates Briefs

4.   Sensors Related Published Books

5.   Global Magnetic Field Sensors Market 2011-2016

6.   Global Flow Sensors and Transmitters Market

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8.   Additional Information, Comments, Suggestions


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal and Magazine (e-Digest),
Vol. 136, No. 1, January 2012



Products News:


Book Review:


1) Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design,

    Book Review, IFSA, pp.I-II

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]



White Paper:


2) Fast and Simple Measurement of Position Changes,

    White Paper, iC-Haus GmbH, pp. IV-IX

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]



Research Articles:


3) A Novel Method of Linearizing Thermistor Characteristic Using Voltage Controlled Oscillator,

    by Narayana K. V. L and Bhujanga Rao A., pp. 1-11

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) A Data Acquisition System Based on DSP for Mechanical Nanoscale Displacement Sensor,

    by Yong Yu, Qian Wu, Hanyu Sun, Zhengwei Li and Yunjian Ge, pp.12-24

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) Modified AC Wheatstone Bridge Network for Accurate Measurement of Pressure Using Strain Gauge Type Pressure Sensor,

    by Subrata Chattopadhyay, Mahuya Banerjee and Sagarika Pal, pp. 25-34

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Fingerprint Sensors: Liveness Detection Issue and Hardware based Solutions,

    by Shahzad Memon, Nadarajah Manivannan, Azad Noor, Wamadeva Balachadran, Nikolaos V. Boulgouris, pp.35-49

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7) Fiber Optic Vibration Sensor Using PMMA Fiber for Real Time Monitoring,

    by P. Kishore, D. Dinakar , D. Sen Gupta, P. Saidi Reddy, M. Sai Shankar, K. Srimannarayana, pp.50-58

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8) ARM Processor Based Multisensor System Design for the Measurement of Environmental Parameters,

    by Narasimha Murthy Yayavaram, Soundara Rajan, Vishnu Vardhan, pp.59-71

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9) A Decoupling Algorithm Based on Homotopy Theory for 3-D Tactile Sensor Arrays,

    by Junxiang Ding, Yunjian Ge, Yuan Wang, Zhaohui Wang, pp.72-82

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10) Digital Imaging and Piezo-dispenser Actuator in Automatic Flocculation Control,

     by Jani Tomperi, Markus Honkanen, Pasi Kallio, Kauko Leiviskä, Pentti Saarenrinne, Iiris Joensuu, Marjatta Piironen, pp.83-95

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11) An Embedded Web based Real Time Application for Remote Monitoring & Controlling of MST RADAR Transmitters,

     by Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, Lakshmi Narayana Roshanna, Rajendra Prasad Thommundru, Chandrasekhar Reddy Devanna, pp.96-104

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12) Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering Based on Signal Frequency,

     by Shakeb A. Khan, Alka Nigam, A. K. Agarwala, Mini S. Thomas, T. Islam, pp. 105-117

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13) Pyramidal Traceability Hierarchy for Pressure Measurements and Calibrations at NIS- Egypt,

     by A. A. Eltawil, pp.118-131

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14) Fuzzy Logic Based Autonomous Traffic Control System,

     by Muhammad Abbas, M. Saleem Khan, Nasir Ali and Syed Fazil, pp.132-146

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


15) Potential of Piezoelectric Sensors in Bio-signal Acquisition,

      by Dipali Bansal, pp.147-157

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


16) Measurement and Analysis of Sodium in Vegetables Using ATmega16 Microcontroller Based Spectrophotometer,

      by K. Murugananthan and P. Neelamegam, pp. 158-165

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


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Sensors & Transducers journal 2011 on CD:


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal,
     Vol. 13, Special Issue, December 2011



MEMS & NEMS: Design, Fabrication and Applications


Selected papers of the 14th annual NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show,

13-16 June 2011, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USA

Sensors & Transducers, Vol.13, Special Issue, December 2011



 Bullet Sensors Web Portal Up-Date Briefs






Bullet Sensors Related Published Books



Frontiers in Sensing: From Biology to Engineering

by Friedrich G. Barth, Joseph A. C. Humphrey, Mandyam V. Srinivasan


LabVIEW: A Developer's Guide to Real World Integration

by Ian Fairweather, Anne Brumfield

 Frontiers in Sensing: From Biology to Engineering book's cover


Hardcover: 224 pages

Pubdate: 18 November 2011

ISBN: 3211997482


More details ...

 LabVIEW: A Developer's Guide to Real World Integration book's cover

Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC

Hardcover: 277 pages

Pubdate: 13 December 2011

ISBN: 1439839816


More details ...



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Bullet Global Magnetic Field Sensors Market 2011-2016



New York, Dec. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ - Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Magnetic Field Sensors Market by Product (Angular, Revolution, Current, Position) by Technology (Hall Effect, Magneto Resistive & Inductive, Fluxgate, Squid), & Applications (Consumer, Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace & Defense) 2011 - 2016.


Magnetic field sensors are expected to show good growth as they are widely used across different application segments. Early applications for these sensors were essentially direction finding, or navigation. Today, these sensors are still a primary means of navigation but many more uses have evolved.

Automobile industry is a heavy user of magnetic field sensors; accounting for almost 40% of the total magnetic field sensors market. One of the largest applications for magnetic field sensors in automobiles is in anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and engine control management systems. Traditionally, the combined consumer and computing segments form the largest user base for magnetic field sensors. Typical applications include cameras, DVD players, hard disk drives, video-cassette players, printers, cell phones, and washing machines. The other verticals such as healthcare and defense are also contributing to the overall demand.

Besides, the increasing use of these sensors in other applications; especially mobile handsets will boost sales. Magnetic field sensors are being used as compass in handhelds and give increased sophistication to GPS solutions. Electronic compass is expected to give a much higher thrust; with the volume of sales set to treble form its level in 2010.

Developed markets such U.S., U.K., Japan/Korea are amongst the most technologically advanced consumer electronics as well as automotive markets due to the presence of prominent system suppliers, large semiconductor companies, and sensor manufacturers. The size of the region, the affluence of its consumers, and the competitiveness make it a good market for magnetic sensor manufacturer. Most of the innovations in electronics design and technology are deployed in these regions first; and then in rest of the world.

Hall Effect sensors dominate the magnetic field sensors market with more than 70% market share, while newer technologies such as AMR and GMR sensors are gradually gaining visibility. The main suppliers of Hall Effect sensors are Allegro, Micronas, Melexis, Austria Microsystems, and AKM. The major vendors of AMR sensors are NXP, Sensitec, and Honeywell, while the main GMR sensors suppliers are NVE Corporation, and Hitachi.

The demand for magnetic field sensors in the year 2010 was 3.67 billion units; which are expected to reach 7.14 billion units in 2016 at a CAGR of 10.3%. In value terms, the magnetic field sensors market stood at $1.1 billion in year 2010 and is expected to reach $2.0 billion by year 2016, at 8.7% CAGR during the projected period.

Magnetic Field Sensor Market is triggered due to a lot of factors. For magnetic sensor market, vehicle production in emerging markets, increasing demand in gaming consoles, increasing popularity of electronic compass, and continuous demand from computer and computing peripherals are acting as a driver’s. Competition within the technologies, inconsistence in magnetic field strength, and unavailability of strong aftermarket are acting as restraints. The advancement of hybrid sensors and growth in hybrid and electric vehicle are the future opportunities for magnetic field sensors.


Click <here> for more details






Bullet Global Flow Sensors and Transmitters Market



Understanding customer needs and focusing on R&D will be key to success, with the global market expected to reach $6,423.8 million in 2017

LONDON – 18 January, 2012 – Despite the negative impact of the 2008 economic recession, the global flow sensors and transmitters market is expected to grow. The rising number of projects, the establishment of new process plants, the financial recovery of numerous end-user industries, as well as reinvestment in plant renovation, modernisation, capacity expansion and technology development have led to a market resurgence.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (http://www.sensors.frost.com), Global Flow Sensors and Transmitters Market, finds that the market earned revenues of $4,847.6 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach $6,423.8 million in 2017.

“The quest for new energy sources, including oil and gas exploration, coupled with increasing renewable energy development, is a significant market driver,” notes Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst V. Sankaranarayanan. “Coriolis, ultrasonic and vortex flow sensors and transmitters are poised to benefit from growth in the oil and gas as well as the chemical and petrochemical end-user industries.”

Another key market driver is the rising emphasis on energy efficiency, with better asset utilisation, reduction in maintenance costs, and enhanced process monitoring. Automation and control solutions (including field instruments) also play a vital role in achieving these goals, resulting in heightened demand for flow sensors and transmitters.

These trends are spreading to emerging economies, where the increased use of automated products is poised to boost demand for all types of sensors, including flow sensors and transmitters.

While the market offers significant growth potential, participants will have to focus on successful product differentiation to avoid price-based competition. This will not be an easy task, given that there is little technical innovation taking place in flow sensor technologies such as positive displacement and turbine. It will be challenging for manufacturers of such products to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

“The first step in a successful differentiation strategy is to understand customer needs,” states Sankaranarayanan. “A strong relationship with both distributors and customers will enable manufacturers to comprehend current trends and optimise their product offerings.”

Accuracy and reliability are the major selection/purchase criteria in this market. Therefore, manufacturers should be willing to invest heavily in research and development (R&D), engineering and configuration to take accuracy and reliability to the next level. R&D will also pave the way for the development of feature-rich flow sensors and transmitters, which are other important customer requirements.

If you are interested in more information on this study, please send an email with your contact details to Anna Zanchi, Corporate Communications, at anna.zanchi@frost.com

Global Flow Sensors and Transmitters Market is part of the Sensors & Instrumentation Growth Partnership Service programme, which also includes research in the following markets: World Fiber Optic Sensors Markets, World Torque Sensors Market and World Proximity & Displacement Sensors Markets. All research included in subscriptions provide detailed market opportunities and industry trends that have been evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company's Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO's Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan leverages 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from more than 40 offices on six continents. To join our Growth Partnership, please visit http://www.frost.com.


Anna Zanchi
Corporate Communications – Europe
Phone: 0039 02 46514819
E-mail: anna.zanchi@frost.com



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