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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine and Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news, end-use application news, information on upcoming events for MEMS and sensors professionals, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science, industry and markets. The Newsletter reports the latest developments in sensor industry as it happens from leading research centers, universities and manufacturers. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), January 2018

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Bullet In this Issue:


1.   New Issue of Sensors & Transducers journal: Vol. 219, Issue 1, January 2018

2.   'Advances in Networks, Security and Communications: Reviews' - new open access book.

3.   1st International Conference on Microelectronic Devices and Technologies (MicDAT '2018): Deadline for 2-page abstract: 28 February 2018

4.   Airbus have joined in as a Keynote speaker at the High End Sensors International Conference

5 IARIA Conferences (NetWare' 2018 conference umbrella)

6.   Subscription

7.   Additional Information, Comments, Suggestions


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 219, Issue 1, January 2018





1) Chalcogenide Glass Based Heavy Metal Sensors

    Ute Enseleit, Monika Berthold, Claudia Feller, Uwe Partsch, Stefan K?rner and Winfried Vonau, pp.1-8

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


2) Mobile Sensor System AGaMon for Breath Control: Numerical Signal Analysis of Ternary Gas Mixtures and First Field Tests

    Rolf Seifert, Thorsten Conrad, Jens Peter, Hubert B. Keller, pp.9-16

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3) Development and Application of an Autonomous Time Synchronization Sensor Device Using a Chip Scale Atomic Clock

    Narito Kurata, pp.17-25

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) Development of an Automatic Combination System of Clothing Parts for Blind People: MyEyes

    Daniel Rocha, vίtor Carvalho, Joaquim Gonçalves, Filipe Azevedo and Eva Oliveira, pp.26-33

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) New Design for Stable and Robust Resonators, and Wireless Temperature SAW Sensors
on the Use of a Single SAW Resonator Taking Advantage of New Design Criteria

    Marianne Sagnard, Thierry Laroche and Sylvain Ballandras, pp.34-43

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

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Sensors Expo & Conference 2018



Bullet New book published by IFSA Publishing



Advances in Networks, Security and Communications: Reviews, Vol. 1, Book Series

Editor: Sergey Y. Yurish




 Advances in Networks, Security and Communications: Reviews, Vol. 1, Book Series


Publisher: IFSA Publishing, S. L.

Paperback: 394 pages

Pubdate: 29 December 2017

ISBN: 978-84-697-8994-0

e-ISBN: 978-84-697-8993-3


Click <here> for download (Acrobat reader logo 16.3 Mb)



Creative Commons License



Sensors Related Chapters:


Chapter 1: WSN Routing Improvement Techniques

Chapter 4: A Knowledge-Based Modeling and Simulation Approach for the Management of Sensor Networks




Bullet 1st International Conference on Microelectronic Devices and Technologies (MicDAT '2018):



General page: http://www.micdat-conference.com


Call for Papers page: https://easychair.org/cfp/MicDAT-2018


Submission page: http://www.micdat-conference.com/author-guide.html


Event schedule: 20-22 June 2018, Barcelona, Castelldefels, Spain




  • Analog, digital, mixed, and RF circuits and related design methodologies

  • Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

  • Voltage-to-Frequency Converts (VFC)

  • Frequency-to-Digital Converters (FDC)

  • Time-to-Digital Converters (TDC)

  • Logic, architectural, and system level synthesis

  • Nonlinear circuits

  • Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs

  • Testing, design for testability, built-in self-test

  • Area, power, and thermal analysis and design

  • Mixed-domain simulation and design

  • Embedded systems, low-power designs

  • VLSI systems circuit and design

  • Non-von Neumann computing and related technologies and circuits

  • Design and test of high complexity systems integration

  • SoC, MPSoC, NoC, SIP, and NIP design and test

  • Process technologies, CMOS, BJT, BiCMOS, GaAs

  • 3-D integration design and analysis

  • Emerging device technologies and circuits, such as FinFETs, SETs, spintronics, SFQ, MTJ, etc.

  • Design for Manufacturability/Technology Optimization/Yield & Quality

  • Microelectronics processing and materials

  • Semiconductor processing

  • Modern electronics materials

  • Solid-state electronics

  • Quantum electronics

  • Thin solid films

  • Nanoprocessing, nanotechnology and nanofabrication​

  • Flexible and stretchable electronics​

  • MEMS and NEMS

  • CAD tools for microelectronics

  • Hardware/software co-design

  • Algorithms, methods and tools for modeling, simulation, synthesis and verification of ICs

  • Electronic materials science and technology

  • Organic electronic materials and devices

  • Microelectronics reliability and qualification

  • Assembly and Packaging


Deadline for 2-page abstracts: 28 February 2018




  • Keynote presentations

  • Industrial presentations

  • Regular papers for plenary and special sessions

  • Posters

The MicDAT' 2018 conference proceedings will be sent for indexing to Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).



Bullet Airbus Have Joined in as a Keynote Speaker at the High End Sensors International Conference


The inaugural High End Sensors International Conference (10-11 April, Brussels, Belgium) will provide comprehensive coverage of the market opportunities for the entire spectrum of the High-end Sensor value chain. Olivier Sornique is Pressure Pad MEMS Projects Leader for Flight Test Installation within the Airbus Commercial Aircraft business unit. His work in the Airbus Flight Tests Centre seeks new opportunities and product innovations focused on meeting and exceeding customer requirements; he is always looking to improve technical expertise in flight testing performance, safety and accuracy. Olivier focuses on MEMS technology dedicated to aerodynamic measurements that demand the highest levels of accuracy and performance. His work also involves the search for new and emerging MEMS technologies and manufacturing partners who share a zeal for uncompromising quality and service in highly competitive global markets.


Olivier’s presentation at HES International will be covering the following:


MEMS Sensor Solutions in Flight Test Applications


Even while accuracy, repeatability and reliability are important aspects of commercial aircraft flight tests, Airbus has increased performance by developing its Measurement Mapping process that heightens sensor density. This achievement produces large data sets for in-depth analysis and has added a dimension to flight testing not possible with legacy solutions. Airbus also leverages off-the-shelf MEMS devices for Measurement Mapping, easing installation and reducing lead-times. The presentation will focus on the technology being utilized as part of the Airbus flight test environment and the company’s philosophy to continually improve upon its processes and global service and innovate the future of commercial air travel.



2 days, 5 themes, Over 30 presentations

The presentations will be covering ten key topics which collectively provide complete coverage for High-End Sensors: Market Opportunities.


Defence, Security, Aviation and Aerospace High-End Sensors

Imaging and Optical Sensing Advances

Maximizing Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis

Optimizing IoT and IIoT Sensor Networks and Security

New Approaches for Power Control and Energy Harvesting

Radar and LiDAR Innovations

Advances in MEMS Sensor Development

Metrology and Test for High-End Sensors

Enhancing Sensor Performance: Embedded, SoC and Machine Learning

Emerging Opportunities and Applications



View Agenda:





Book Your Place Today – Less than 70 tickets remaining


Register your place at


and join the leading industry players from across the high-end sensors value chain.



Be a part of it - speaking and sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities available


Sponsorship information:



The sponsor packages provide companies with an influential platform to educate and penetrate the high end sensors industry by a multitude of marketing methods.



HES' 2018 logo



Bullet IARIA NetWare' 2018 Conference Umbrella  (16-20 September 2018, Venice, Italy)


General page: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2018/NetWare18.html



  • SENSORCOMM 2018, The 12th International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
  • SENSORDEVICES 2018, The 9th International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
  • CENICS 2018, The 11th International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics
  • ICQNM 2018, The 12th International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologie


  • Regular papers

  • Short papers (work in progress)

  • Ideas: two pages

  • Extended abstracts: two pages

  • Posters: two pages

  • Posters: slide only

  • Presentations: slide only

  • Demos: two pages

  • Doctoral forum submissions


Proposals for:

- Mini symposia: see http://www.iaria.org/symposium.html

- Workshops: see http://www.iaria.org/workshop.html

- Tutorials: (slide-deck posed on http://www.iaria.org)
- Panels: (slide-deck posed on http://www.iaria.org)


Submission deadline: 30 April 2018

Sponsored by IARIA: http://www.iaria.org


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