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IFSA Newsletter, No. 5, May 2004

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Bullet Editorial


How Internet Development will Influence on Sensors Industry ?

(Some notes after Internet Global Congress INET’2004, 10-14 May 2004, Barcelona, Spain)


INET' 2004 logo


The new standard, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) ('next generation' of IP, designed to replace the current version IPv4) is coming. It was first devised in 1995 and endorsed by an Internet task force in 1998. Most significant players (Cisco and Microsoft) are already testing equipment and connections that conform to IPv6 [1].

Vinton Cerf, vice president of Technology Strategy for MCI, widely known as one of the 'Fathers of the Internet,' is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet, said that IPv6 brings us back to the original Internet architecture. So what's new about IPv6? The Internet model based on IPv6 would cater for ten more large-scale applications even larger than the web of today. By increasing the length of addresses from 32 to 128 bits, IPv6 increased the number of devices that could connect to the Internet and give an opportunity to address 3.4 x 1038 devices in comparison with 4.3 x 109 for IPv4 [2].


Of course, IPv6 does more than simply extend the address space. This upgrade to IPv4 makes node setup easy and automatic—another must for embedded applications. It also makes the network as a whole more robust and extensible, and adds security features and quality-of-service support not previously available. Importantly, IPv6 also helps speed and simplify routing, which has become a bottleneck as Internet use has increased [3]. Remote sensing, Smart Homes, Ad hoc networks, Mobile devices, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Consumer Electronics, Home appliances and networked RFIDs are some of the applications that will see the light with IPv6 and dwarf current network concepts into oblivion. The main benefit of IPv6 is its ability to scale the Internet and reach a mass-market size, defined as 20% or more of a given population [4].


According to Connexion by Boeing [5], the average home contains 250 devices that could at some future time be connected to the Internet via IPv6. Many of them have been mentioned (refrigerators, stoves, etc.) during Internet Global Congress (INET’ 2004) in Barcelona. Some of them are available now on the market, others are coming soon. A lot of IPv6-enabled products will be introduced to the market by 2005. Let me consider only one interesting example, that I am sure, will be realized in the nearest future. Please depicture a wine bottle cork with IP-address… What is a reason ? First of all a lot of benefits from the logistic point of view: how many bottles exist, where it is and in which stores. But if to equip such cork with IPv6-enable chemical sensors array (electronic nose), temperature sensor, etc., for example, it gives an opportunity to know if storage conditions are good, what is the best date to open the bottle and drink a wine sort form harvest of 200X year, and much more about wine’s quality.


Vinton Serf

Bottle cork with IPv6-enable sensors array

Vinton Serf, 'Father of the Internet''

Embedded into a wine bottle cork IPv6-enable sensors

array lets have information about a wine quality


Due to IPv6 protocol and wireless smart sensors we will have an ambient intelligence for everywhere. Numerous sensors, transducers and measuring instruments will be IPv6-enabled soon. It will be the next step in the IT – revolution. Sensors nodes will connect real world information into global networks and make our life more safely and comfortable. You are welcome, IPv6. Are you ready for IPv6?



[1] Christopher M. Wright, Imagineering the Future of the Internet:  Sketches from the Year 2010, Bulletin of the American Society for

Information Science, Volume 25, No. 4, April/May 1999.

[2] Itaru Mimua, Home Network and Sensor Networking technology based on IPv6, Hitachi, Inspire the Next, 2004 International CES, 8-11 January, 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

[3] Robert Muchsel, IPv6 on a microcontroller, Embedded Systems, Vol. 16 No. 7, July 2003.

[4] IPv6 - Scaling the Internet, Driving New Services, January 2004

[5] http://www.connexionbyboeing.com/


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Sergey Y. Yurish,



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Nikolay V. Kirianaki,

IFSA President


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