Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 10


Date: December 2006


  ANN based demodulator for UMTS signal measurements
Pages 877-883
Domenico Luca Carní and Domenico Grimaldi
  Intelligent phase correction in automatic digital ac bridges by resilient backpropagation neural network
Pages 884-891
Mita Dutta, Amitava Chatterjee and Anjan Rakshit
  Influence of heat treatment on hysteresis error of force transducers manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel
Pages 892-900
Bulent Aydemir, Erdinc Kaluc and Sinan Fank
  Multiple probing-based microwave methods for highly sensitive measurement of nonelectrical quantities
Pages 901-908
A.S. Sovlukov and T. Varpula
  Fast algorithms for frequency, amplitude and phase evaluation of nonsinusoidal signals with noises
Pages 909-917
J.K. Wu
  Monitoring the physical formation of earprints: Optical and pressure mapping evidence
Pages 918-935
Hartmut Kieckhoefer, Michael Ingleby and Gary Lucas
  How to teach at the university level through an active learning approach? Consequences for teaching basic electrical measurements
Pages 936-946
Christian Eugène
  Computer simulation of a piezoelectric angular rate sensor
Pages 947-958
Saulius Kausinis and Rimantas Barauskas
  Corrigendum to “Prediction of absolute Seebeck coefficients at ITS-90 temperatures using an artificial neural network” [Measurement 39 (2006) 130–136]
Page 959
R. Ince, H.S. Aytekin, A.T. Ince and U. Kerpiç






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