Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 2


Measurement science and education in the Internet era
Edited by P.P.L. Regtien and G. Linss


Date: February 2007


Measurement science and education in the Internet era
Pages 107-108
Paul P.L. Regtien and G. Linss
A client–server architecture for the remote sensing and control of a drilling robot
Pages 109-122
Vittorio Belotti, Francesco Crenna, Rinaldo C. Michelini and Giovanni B. Rossi
Internet enabled maintenance of an electrical multifunctional calibrator
Pages 123-128
Gert Rietveld
Robust and accurate fitting of geometrical primitives to image data of microstructures
Pages 129-144
Olaf Kühn, Gerhard Linß, Susanne Töpfer and Uwe Nehse
Sensor fusion and data fusion – Mapping and reconstruction
Pages 145-157
Karl H. Ruhm
A diagnosis method of analog parts of mixed-signal systems controlled by microcontrollers
Pages 158-170
Zbigniew Czaja
COMET: A multimedia internet based platform for education in measurement
Pages 171-182
Paul P.L. Regtien, Martin Halaj, Eva Kureková and Peter Gabko
Metrology on-the-job e-learning through remote services
Pages 183-191
André Luiz Meira de Oliveira and Carlos Alberto Schneider
A water tower to introduce electronic engineering and computer science
Pages 192-201
Jacques Tiberghien, Nico Deblauwe and Alain Barel
The use of metrological terms and SI units in environmental guides and international standards
Pages 202-212
Oleh Velychko and Tetyana Gordiyenko
On teaching measurement applications of digital signal processing
Pages 213-223
Roman Z. Morawski
A contribution for increasing the interest of high-school students for MEMS technology, engineering, and physics
Pages 224-232
Thorsten Conrad and Andreas Schütze
A relational theory of measurement: Traceability as a solution to the non-transitivity of measurement results
Pages 233-242
Luca Mari and Sergio Sartori
Automated inspections for dimensional micro- and nanometrology
Pages 243-254
Susanne C.N. Töpfer, Uwe Nehse and Gerhard Linß







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