Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 3



Date: April 2007


Development of a nano-displacement measurement system
Pages 255-263
Shih-Kang Kuo, Chuan-Cheng Hung, Chang-Ching Lin and Wen-Ho Yang
Wavelet techniques: A suitable tool to characterise and optimize encoders’ based systems
Pages 264-271
J.M. Dias Pereira, O. Postolache and P. Girăo
Jitter measurement circuit for mixed signal production test
Pages 272-282
Tian Xia, Justin Campbell, Jing Li, Randy Wolf and John F. Sweeney
Temperature compensation of Hall element
Pages 283-287
Wen-ke Lu, Xin-mei Hu, Chang-chun Zhu, Jun-hua Liu and Chang-bao Wen
A recording and analysis system for human tremor
Pages 288-293
Mehmet Engin
Computer-controlled system for testing contacts on switching high current
Pages 294-299
P. Borkowski, D. Boczkowski and T. Wysocki
Geometric error filtering performance of a cylindrical capacitive sensor (CCS) with circumferential gap
Pages 300-313
Hyeong-Joon Ahn, Jong-Min Park and Dong-Chul Han
GSM-based monitoring and control of photovoltaic power generation
Pages 314-321
M. Gagliarducci, D.A. Lampasi and L. Podestà
A linear fusion algorithm for attitude determination using low cost MEMS-based sensors
Pages 322-328
Rong Zhu, Dong Sun, Zhaoying Zhou and Dingqu Wang
An image matching algorithm for variable mesh surfaces
Pages 329-337
Tung-Hsien Tsai and Kuang-Chao Fan
Calibration of micropipettes: Test methods and uncertainty analysis
Pages 338-342
E. Batista, L. Pinto, E. Filipe and A.M.H. van der Veen
Effect of test speed on verification of material testing machine
Pages 343-346
Bulent Aydemir, Sinan Fank and Baris Cal
Robust state estimator based on maximum constraints satisfaction of uncertain measurements
Pages 347-359
A.K. Al-Othman and M.R. Irving







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