Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 4



Date: May 2007


Choice of the cosine-class windows for ADC dynamic testing by spectral analysis
Pages 361-371
Daniel Belega, Mircea Ciugudean and Dan Stoiciu
Design and development of embedded system for the study of the biochemical variations induced by monocrotophos in Cyprinus carpio
Pages 372-377
P. Neelamegam, A. Rajendran, C. Maruthanayagam and M. Mohanraja
Measurement of critical current in superconducting rings
Pages 378-382
H. González-Jorge, B. Liñares, I. Quelle, J. Peleteiro, E. Carballo and G. Domarco
Tensile strain measurement using mechanical and in situ optical techniques in bi-metallic Ni-base superalloys
Pages 383-391
M. Abbadi, F. de Haan and P. Hähner
Performance monitoring of heat exchangers via adaptive observers
Pages 392-405
C.-M. Astorga-Zaragoza, A. Zavala-Río, V.M. Alvarado, R.-M. Méndez and J. Reyes-Reyes
Experimental considerations on bandwidth measurement of ultra-fast photoreceptors by optical heterodyning
Pages 406-414
Olivier Latry, Guillaume Ducournau, Pascal Dherbécourt, Eric Joubert and Mohamed Kétata
Development of low cost motion-sensing system
Pages 415-421
Jinhui Lan, Saeid Nahavandi, Yixin Yin and Tian Lan
A liquid bath for accurate temperature measurements
Pages 422-427
Andrea Merlone, Luigi Iacomini, Antonio Tiziani and Piero Marcarino
Measurement of the magnetic field radiating by electrostatic discharges during the verification of the ESD generators
Pages 428-436
G.P. Fotis, A.G. Rapanakis, I.F. Gonos and I.A. Stathopulos
Low-frequency dielectric measurements of complex fluids using high-frequency coaxial sample cells
Pages 437-449
P.A. Sorichetti and C.L. Matteo
Validation of electro-optic sensors for measurement of DC fields in the presence of space charge
Pages 450-458
Franjo Cecelja, Wamadewa Balachandran and Michal Bordowski







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