Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 5


ADC and DAC Modelling and Testing
Edited by Pasquale Daponte and Linus Michaeli


Date: June 2007


ADC & DAC modelling and testing
Pages 459-462
Pasquale Daponte and Linus Michaeli
Defining DAC performance in the frequency domain
Pages 463-472
E. Balestrieri and S. Rapuano
Parameters of band pass ΣΔ-ADC and the comparison with the standard ones
Pages 473-478
Linus Michaeli, Ján Šaliga and Martin Kollár
Caliper rule based ADC architectures
Pages 479-490
Roberto Lojacono
Triangular testing signal for identification of unified error model parameters
Pages 491-499
Linus Michaeli, Ján Šaliga and Peter Michalko
DAC consistent terminology: static parameter definitions
Pages 500-508
E. Balestrieri and S. Rapuano
Behavioural characteristics of ΣΔ modulators in time and frequency domains
Pages 509-519
Domenico Luca Carní, Domenico Grimaldi and Leonardo Serratore
A new approach in differential nonlinearity testing of the analog-to-digital converters
Pages 520-526
Martin Kollár and Peter Michalko
On the use of the Discrete-Time Convolution Model for the compensation of non-idealities within digital acquisition channels
Pages 527-536
Pier Andrea Traverso, Gaetano Pasini, Antonio Raffo, Domenico Mirri, Gaetano Iuculano and Fabio Filicori
Effects of midpoint linearization and nonsubtractive dithering in A/D converters
Pages 537-544
F. Attivissimo, N. Giaquinto, A.M.L. Lanzolla and M. Savino







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