Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 7-8



Precision Measurement of Force, Mass, and Torque
Edited by Dae-Im Kang and A.E. Eltawil


Date: August-October 2007


Precision measurement of force, mass, and torque
Pages 739-740
Dae-Im Kang and A.E. Eltawil
Atomic force microscope probe calibration by use of a commercial precision balance
Pages 741-745
M.S. Kim, I.M. Choi, Y.K. Park and D.I. Kang
Investigations of piezoelectric force measuring devices for use in legal weighing metrology
Pages 746-753
Oliver Mack
SIM force standards comparison up to 10 kN
Pages 754-761
J.C. Torres-Guzmán, D.A. Ramírez-Ahedo, L. Giobergia, J.P. Cruz and A.C. Dajer
The use of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to estimate the stability of primary mass standards
Pages 762-768
Stuart Davidson
Errors due to magnetic effects in 1 kg primary mass comparators
Pages 769-773
Richard Davis and Josette Coarasa
Bilateral comparison of buoyancy artefacts between PTB and KRISS
Pages 774-778
J.W. Chung, M. Borys, M. Firlus, W.G. Lee and R. Schwartz
Molar mass of dry air in mass metrology
Pages 779-784
N. Khélifa, M. Lecollinet and M. Himbert
Mass determination of silicon spheres used for the Avogadro project
Pages 785-790
Michael Borys, Michael Gläser and Michael Mecke
Continuous weighing on a multi-stage conveyor belt with FIR filter
Pages 791-796
Ryosuke Tasaki, Takanori Yamazaki, Hideo Ohnishi, Masaaki Kobayashi and Shigeru Kurosu
Uncertainty evaluation of the 20 kN m deadweight torque standard machine
Pages 797-802
Koji Ohgushi, Takashi Ota and Kazunaga Ueda
Measurement uncertainty of torque measurements with rotating torque transducers in power test stands
Pages 803-810
Georg Wegener and Jürgen Andrae








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