Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 40, 9-10



Date: November-December 2007


Theoretical analysis of the effects of linear birefringence upon optical glass current transformers with different optical designs
Pages 811-815
Zheng Ping Wang, Xiao Yu Liu and Yi Min Zhang
3-D Silicon Hall sensor for use in magnetic-based navigation systems for endovascular interventions
Pages 816-822
Konstantin Dimitrov
Application of time–frequency entropy method based on Hilbert–Huang transform to gear fault diagnosis
Pages 823-830
Dejie Yu, Yu Yang and Junsheng Cheng
Wearable device for real-time monitoring of human falls
Pages 831-840
Chern-Sheng Lin, Hung Chun Hsu, Yun-Long Lay, Chuang-Chien Chiu and Chi-Shih Chao
Multiscale MSE-minimizing filters for gradient-based motion estimation
Pages 841-848
Qinghua Lu and Xianmin Zhang
Phase detection using AD8302 evaluation board in the superheterodyne microwave interferometer for line average plasma electron density measurements
Pages 849-853
Y.F. Yee and C.K. Chakrabarty
Shape reconstruction of three-dimensional flaw from backscattering data
Pages 854-859
Zheng Gangfeng, Wu Bin and He Cunfu
Evaluation of form error at semi-spherical tools by use of image processing
Pages 860-867
H.S. Halkacı, Ö. Mavi and O. Yigit
An impulse-response extracting method from the modulated signal in a roller bearing
Pages 868-875
Yuh-Tay Sheen
In-situ measurement of the current transformer burden in a current transformer testing system using a shunt resistor
Pages 876-882
Jae Kap Jung, Jeon Hong Kang, Sang Hwa Lee and Myungsoo Kim
A novel self-decoupled four degree-of-freedom wrist force/torque sensor
Pages 883-891
Aiguo Song, Juan Wu, Gang Qin and Weiyi Huang
Non-destructive evaluation of local mechanical properties of Al die cast large components by means of FIMEC indentation test
Pages 892-897
Luca Casamichele, Fabrizio Quadrini and Vincenzo Tagliaferri
Calibration of a sheet of thermosensitive liquid crystals viewed non-orthogonally
Pages 898-903
W. Grassi, D. Testi, D. Della Vista and G. Torelli
Feature measurements of ECG beats based on statistical classifiers
Pages 904-912
Mehmet Engin, Musa Fedakar, Erkan Zeki Engin and Mehmet Korürek
Correction of temperature dependency of a standard; case-study – magnetic flux density standard
Pages 913-918
Gregor Geršak and Janko Drnovšek
A new method for integrating analog to digital conversion based on error reduction
Pages 919-927
Mohammad Deghat and Paknosh Karimaghaee
Modelling accelerometers for transient signals using calibration measurements upon sinusoidal excitation
Pages 928-935
A. Link, A. Täubner, W. Wabinski, T. Bruns and C. Elster
A prototype portable system for EEG measurements
Pages 936-942
Mehmet Engin, Tayfun Dalbastı, Merih Güldüren, Eray Davaslı and Erkan Zeki Engin
A fault diagnosis approach for roller bearing based on IMF envelope spectrum and SVM
Pages 943-950
Yu Yang, Dejie Yu and Junsheng Cheng
The application of X-ray absorption to building moisture transport studies
Pages 951-959
Paul H. Baker, David Bailly, Mike Campbell, Graham H. Galbraith, R. Craig McLean, Noé Poffa and Chris H. Sanders
Voltammetric in situ measurements of heavy metals in soil using a portable electrochemical instrument
Pages 960-967
K. Christidis, P. Robertson, K. Gow and P. Pollard
Error analysis of a dual-VFC multiplier aimed at industrial-frequency power metering
Pages 968-974
Hugo Calleja
A self-temperature-compensated micromechanical bridge resonator
Pages 975-979
Jianqiang Han, Changchun Zhu, Yongsheng Shi and Junhua Liu








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