Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 10



Date: December 2008


Centralized and decentralized process and sensor fault monitoring using data fusion based on adaptive extended Kalman filter algorithm
Pages 1059-1076
Karim Salahshoor, Mohsen Mosallaei, Mohammadreza Bayat
Yarn hairiness and diameter characterization using a CMOS line array
Pages 1077-1092
Vítor Carvalho, Michael Belsley, Rosa M. Vasconcelos, Filomena O. Soares
A cancellation technique for the validation of the reference profile of an interferometer
Pages 1093-1099
Eiki Okuyama, Tomoaki Yamasuge
Fully statistical approach for regression analysis
Pages 1100-1104
Petre Cătălin Logofătu, Dan Apostol
Variability sources of DC voltage–current measurements in the study of TiO2-based varistors
Pages 1105-1112
M.A.A. Santana, F.S.N. dos Santos, V.C. Sousa, Q.S.H. Chui
Characterisation of 1D opto-electronic sensors and their application to angular self-centring probes for machine-tool verification
Pages 1113-1123
José-Antonio Yagüe, Juan-José Aguilar, José-Antonio Albajez, Jorge Santolaria
A novel technique for multilevel optimal magnetic resonance brain image thresholding using bacterial foraging
Pages 1124-1134
Madhubanti Maitra, Amitava Chatterjee
Identification of sensor block model using Volterra series and frequency response function
Pages 1135-1143
Ke-Jun Xu, Xiao-Fen Wang
Strain gauge based microsensor for stress analysis in building structures
Pages 1144-1151
Falk L. Tegtmeier
Development of a microscopic computer aided measurement system and its uncertainty
Pages 1152-1161
E.S. Gadelmawla
A comparison between supported and unsupported beams for use in static torque calibrations
Pages 1162-1168
Barry Pratt, Andy Robinson
Measuring hydrocarbon viscosity with oscillating microcantilevers
Pages 1169-1175
A.M. Schilowitz, D.G. Yablon, E. Lansey, F.R. Zypman








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