Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 3



Innovative Design and Paradigms in Instrumentation and Measurements
Edited by Janusz Mindykowski and Eleftherios Kayafas


Date: April 2008


Innovative design and paradigms in instrumentation and measurements
Pages 219-221
Janusz Mindykowski, Eleftherios Kayafas
Modelling study for assessment and forecasting variation of urban air pollution
Pages 222-229
Gregorio Andria, Giuseppe Cavone, Anna M.L. Lanzolla
Power measurement in the non-coherent sampling
Pages 230-235
Dušan Agrež
RMS value measurement based on classical and modified digital signal processing algorithms
Pages 236-250
Martin Novotny, Milos Sedlacek
Measuring solar radio bursts in 20–650 MHz
Pages 251-258
A. Kontogeorgos, P. Tsitsipis, C. Caroubalos, X. Moussas, P. Preka-Papadema, A. Hilaris, V. Petoussis, J.-L. Bougeret, C.E. Alissandrakis, G. Dumas
A method of the thermal resistance measurements of semiconductor devices with p–n junction
Pages 259-265
Janusz Zarębski, Krzysztof Górecki
Voice quality measurement in telecommunication networks by optimized multi-sine signals
Pages 266-273
Domenico Luca Carně, Domenico Grimaldi
Distance learning of electronic measurements by means of measurement set-up models
Pages 274-283
L. Peretto, S. Rapuano, M. Riccio, D. Bonatti
Wavelet coefficients for window width and subsequent harmonics estimation – Case study
Pages 284-293
Tomasz Tarasiuk
Temperature measurements by means of NTC resistors and a two-parameter approximation curve
Pages 294-299
Damir Ilić, Josip Butorac, Luka Ferković
New measurement method of sample point position in controller area network nodes
Pages 300-306
Jiřı´ Novák
Simultaneous measurement of dielectric properties and levels of liquids using a TDR method
Pages 307-319
A. Cataldo, L. Tarricone, F. Attivissimo, A. Trotta
Extensible mark-up language file definition for structured acquisition data storage and transfer
Pages 320-326
Nuno B. Brás, Pedro M. Ramos, A. Cruz Serra
Instrumentation set-up for characterisation of the sensors based on amorphous wires
Pages 327-333
Emil Vremera, Cristian Fosalau, Luciano Brunetti
An instrument for objective measurement of light flicker
Pages 334-340
Daniele Gallo, Carmine Landi, Nicola Pasquino







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