Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 4



Date: May 2008


Temperature measurement during solidification of thin wall ductile cast iron. Part 2: Numerical simulations
Pages 341-348
K.M. Pedersen, N. Tiedje
Evaluation of uncertainty in a vortex flowmeter measurement
Pages 349-356
Zhiqiang Sun, Hongjian Zhang, Jiemin Zhou
WNN based intelligent energy meter
Pages 357-363
Samrat L. Sabat, Santanu K. Nayak, Sakuntala Mahapatra
Uncertainty evaluation in dithered ADC-based instruments
Pages 364-370
Filippo Attivissimo, Nicola Giaquinto, Mario Savino
One-class classifier based on SBT for analog circuit fault diagnosis
Pages 371-380
Zhang Yi, Wei Xueye, Jiang Haifeng
Measuring soil temperature and moisture using wireless MEMS sensors
Pages 381-390
Tyronese Jackson, Katrina Mansfield, Mohamed Saafi, Tommy Colman, Peter Romine
Fuzzy measurement theory
Pages 391-402
Michał K. Urbański, Janusz Wa¸sowski
Phase recovery from interference fringes by using S-transform
Pages 403-411
Ali Dursun, Zehra Saraç, Hülya Saraç Topkara, Serhat Özder, F. Necati Ecevit
Multisensor fusion for on line monitoring of the quality of spot welding in automotive industry
Pages 412-423
J.D. Cullen, N. Athi, M. Al-Jader, P. Johnson, A.I. Al-Shamma’a, A. Shaw, A.M.A. El-Rasheed
Real-time measurement of shear fatigue crack propagation at high-temperature using the potential drop technique
Pages 424-432
V. Spitas, C. Spitas, P. Michelis
Qualitative assessment of 3D flows using a flow visualisation technique
Pages 433-445
A. Ramadan
Simulation and experimental study of gas-to-particle heat transfer for non-invasive mass flow measurement
Pages 446-454
Y. Zheng, J.R. Pugh, D. McGlinchey, R.O. Ansell
The direct current and microwave resistivities arising from domain wall scattering for Ni and Co films
Pages 455-462
Yi-Chen Yeh, Juh Tzeng Lue
Real-time ECG telemonitoring system design with mobile phone platform
Pages 463-470
Cheng Wen, Ming-Feng Yeh, Kuang-Chiung Chang, Ren-Guey Lee







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