Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 5



Date: June 2008


Measurement and simulation of the voltage distribution and the electric field on a glass insulator string
Pages 471-480
V. T. Kontargyri, L. N. Plati, I. F. Gonos, I. A. Stathopulos
Measurement of performance impact of SSL on IP data transmissions
Pages 481-490
S. Rapuano, E. Zimeo
Automatic measurement of payload for heavy vehicles using strain gages
Pages 491-502
S. K. Yang, T.S. Liu, Y. C. Cheng
Emissivity measurements on electronic microcircuits
Pages 503-515
Tadeusz Walach
Performances of interferometric optical transmission diagnostic for in situ and real-time control of magnetron sputtering deposition process
Pages 516-525
F. Perry, A. Billard, P. Pigeat
A method for evaluating spindle rotation errors of machine tools using a laser interferometer
Pages 526-537
H. F. F. Castro
A thinning algorithm for GPS-based unbiased FIR estimation of a clock TIE model
Pages 538-550
Yuriy S. Shmaliy, Oscar Ibarra-Manzano, Luis Arceo-Miquel, Jorge Munoz-Diaz
Temperature measurement during solidification of thin wall ductile cast iron. Part 1: Theory and experiment
Pages 551-560
K.M. Pedersen, N. Tiedje
Evaluation of linear Kalman filter processing geodetic kinematic measurements
Pages 561-578
Sonja Bogatin, Karl Foppe, Peter Wasmeier, Thomas A. Wunderlich, Thomas Schäfer, Dušan Kogoj
Wireless sensor marking and temperature measurement with SAW-identification tags
Pages 579-588
Andreas Stelzer, Stefan Scheiblhofer, Stefan Schuster, Rüdiger Teichmann







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