Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 6



Date: July 2008


Automated people-counting by using low-resolution infrared and visual cameras
Pages 589-599
I.J. Amin, A.J. Taylor, F. Junejo, A. Al-Habaibeh, R.M. Parkin
Propagation of uncertainty: Expressions of second and third order uncertainty with third and fourth moments
Pages 600-609
S. Mekid, D. Vaja
Recognition and classification system of arrhythmia using ensemble of neural networks
Pages 610-617
S. Osowski, T. Markiewicz, L. Tran Hoai
EEG feature extraction based on wavelet packet decomposition for brain computer interface
Pages 618-625
Wu Ting, Yan Guo-zheng, Yang Bang-hua, Sun Hong
The study for measuring rotor speed and direction with quadrant photoelectric detector
Pages 626-630
Jian-qiang Qian, Yimin Cui, Ping Xu
A PC-based low cost impedance and gain-phase analyzer
Pages 631-636
J. Castelló, R. García-Gil, J.M. Espí
A method for detection of powder materials in metallic hollow structures using microwaves
Pages 637-646
L.P. Gradinarsky, O. Nyström, V. Belitsky, S. Folestad, V. Vassilev
LED directivity measurement in situ
Pages 647-654
L. Svilainis
Analysis of air gage inaccuracy caused by flow instability
Pages 655-661
Miroslaw Rucki, Branimir Barisic, Tibor Szalay
The indirect measurement of tensile strength for a higher temperature by the new model IGDMC(1, n)
Pages 662-675
Tzu-Li Tien
High-speed data acquisition of the cooling curves and evaluation of heat transfer coefficient in quenching process
Pages 676-686
Huiping Li, Guoqun Zhao, Lianfang He, Yue Mu
Grey bootstrap method of evaluation of uncertainty in dynamic measurement
Pages 687-696
Xintao Xia, Xiaoyang Chen, Yongzhen Zhang, Zhongyu Wang
Thermal cycling experiments for glass moulds surface texture lifetime prediction – Evaluation with the help of statistical techniques
Pages 697-703
A.N. Akdogan, M.N. Durakbasa







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