Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 41, 7



Date: August 2008


Human factor validation in an industrial measurement system
Pages 705-718
Jenny Wirandi, Wlodek Kulesza, Alexander Lauber
An evaluation of performance limits in continuous TDR monitoring of permittivity and levels of liquid materials
Pages 719-730
A. Cataldo, M. Vallone, L. Tarricone, F. Attivissimo
Emissivity reference paints for high temperature applications
Pages 731-736
Ruediger Brandt, Colin Bird, Guenther Neuer
Performance simulation of a digital integrator for magnetic measurements at CERN
Pages 737-743
Pasquale Arpaia, Luca Bottura, Alessandro Masi, Giovanni Spiezia
Developing a measuring systems body of knowledge
Pages 744-754
Richard Thorn, Peter H. Sydenham
On the choice of difference quotients for evaluating prediction intervals
Pages 755-762
Thomas Svensson, Jacques de Maré
Development and testing of a nodal resistance measurement (NRM) system for composite structures
Pages 763-773
Sunil Putta, Vijay Vaidyanathan, Jaycee Chung
Surface quality control device for on-line applications
Pages 774-782
Umberto Minoni, Fabio Cavalli
Evaluation of the size of a tip-top by the measurement of desoxyribonucleic acid under atomic force microscopy
Pages 783-787
C.H. Xu, S.Q. Shi, G.Y. Song, C.H. Woo, C. Surya
Instantaneous angular position and speed measurement using a DSP based resolver-to-digital converter
Pages 788-796
S. Sarma, V.K. Agrawal, S. Udupa, K. Parameswaran
An envelope detection method based on the first-vibration-mode of bearing vibration
Pages 797-809
Yuh-Tay Sheen
Vibration based operational modal analysis of rotor systems
Pages 810-816
Keyu Qi, Zhengjia He, Zhen Li, Yanyang Zi, Xuefeng Chen
Non-uniformity emendation technique for amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors used for industrial X-ray digital radiography
Pages 817-822
Xiao Wang, Yan Han, Jinjuan Si







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