Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 1



Date: January 2009


Internal jitter noise measurement procedure of a switched capacitor circuit
Pages 1-8
G. Monnerie, D. Dallet, H. Guégnaud
Pneumatic frequency selection filter in the prior stage of the air pressure transducer
Pages 9-12
Youngjoon Chee, Kwangsuk Park
Weighing earthquake waves
Pages 13-17
M. Landes, J.R.R. Ritter, U. Wedeken
Waveform measurement using synchronous digital averaging: Design principles of accurate instruments
Pages 18-27
Alexander N. Kalashnikov
Power system frequency estimation using supervised Gauss–Newton algorithm
Pages 28-37
Spark Y. Xue, Simon X. Yang
A distributed test system for pipelined ADCs
Pages 38-43
E. Mancini, S. Rapuano, D. Dallet
Speed measurement of ink droplet by using edge detection techniques
Pages 44-50
Kye-Si Kwon
Quality monitoring of flowing water using colorimetric method based on a semiconductor optical wavelength sensor
Pages 51-56
X.L. Liu, W.J. Wang, H.R. Ren, W. Li, C.Y. Zhang, D.J. Han, K. Liang, R. Yang
Measurements of microwave dielectric properties by an amended cavity perturbation technique
Pages 57-61
Jyh Sheen
Measurement of ambient air temperature for evaluation of human heat convective losses
Pages 62-70
Françoise Thellier, Françoise Monchoux, Sandra Spagnol, Michel Bonnis-Sassi
A new instrument for the measurement of peak value of non-sinusoidal asymmetric voltage over wide range of frequency
Pages 71-77
Biswendu Chatterjee, Debangshu Dey, Sivaji Chakravorti
Starting characteristics of fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps operating with electronic ballasts
Pages 78-86
N.G. Chondrakis, F.V. Topalis
New image analysis-based displacement-measurement system for geotechnical centrifuge modeling tests
Pages 87-96
Ga Zhang, Yun Hu, Jian-Min Zhang
On-field validation of the new platform for magnetic measurements at CERN
Pages 97-106
P. Arpaia, L. Bottura, V. Inglese, G. Spiezia
In situ monitoring on prestress losses in the reinforced structure with fiber-optic sensors
Pages 107-111
Fu-Zhen Xuan, Hongwei Tang, Shan-Tung Tu
Characterization of one-wheeled actuator driven by one piezoelectric element
Pages 112-118
Puu-An Juang, Ching-Chih Tsai
Measurement of water flow rate in microchannels based on the microfluidic particle image velocimetry
Pages 119-126
Haoli Wang, Yuan Wang
Sine wave fitting to short records initialized with the frequency retrieved from Hanning windowed FFT spectrum
Pages 127-135
Kui Fu Chen, Xu Cao, Yang Feng Li
Signal frequency measurement by rational approximations
Pages 136-144
Daniel Hernández Balbuena, Oleg Sergiyenko, Vera Tyrsa, Larysa Burtseva, Moisés Rivas López
Complex S-parameter measurement and its uncertainty evaluation on a vector network analyzer
Pages 145-149
Kamlesh Patel, P.S. Negi, P.C. Kothari
Pattern defined heuristic rules and directional histogram based online ECG parameter extraction
Pages 150-156
Sucharita Mitra, M. Mitra, B.B. Chaudhuri
Modeling and analysis of laser shaft alignment using 4 × 4 homogeneous coordinate transformation matrix
Pages 157-163
Te-Tan Liao

Optimal scale wavelet transform for the identification of weak ultrasonic signals
Pages 164-169
Wei Liang, Pei-wen Que


Corrigendum to “Improved spectrum estimation from digitized time series on a logarithmic frequency axis” [Measurement 39 (2006) 120–129]
Page 170
Michael Tröbs, Gerhard Heinzel







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