Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 2



Date: February 2009


An optimized design of a fiber optic hydrophone based on a flat diaphragm and multilayer fiber coils: A theoretical approach
Pages 171-174
Wentao Zhang, Yuliang Liu, Fang Li
Velocity and turbulence measurements by ultrasound pulse Doppler velocimetry
Pages 175-182
W. Jaafar, S. Fischer, K. Bekkour
A novel fiber optics based method to measure very low strains in large scale infrastructures
Pages 183-188
Bradley Regez, Mohammad Sayeh, Ajay Mahajan, Fernando Figueroa
A fuzzy sensor for color matching vision system
Pages 189-201
V. Bombardier, E. Schmitt, P. Charpentier
On the modeling of a MEMS-based capacitive wall shear stress sensor
Pages 202-207
Ghader Rezazadeh, Amin Lotfiani, Shahram Khalilarya
An economic full attitude detector for aerial vehicle with precomputed trajectory
Pages 208-213
Yaqi Bao, Guoguang Chen, Xiwen Cheng
Noninvasive measurement of dielectric properties in layered structure: A system identification approach
Pages 214-224
R.M. Irastorza, M. Mayosky, F. Vericat
Behaviour of flow at the junction of cylinder and base plate in deep water
Pages 225-240
Besir Sahin, N. Adil Ozturk
Measurement in soft systems: Epistemological framework and a case study
Pages 241-253
Luca Mari, Valentina Lazzarotti, Raffaella Manzini
Metrological assessment of TDR performance for moisture evaluation in granular materials
Pages 254-263
A. Cataldo, G. Cannazza, E. De Benedetto, L. Tarricone, M. Cipressa
Energy spectral density characterization of microseismic events in potash mines
Pages 264-268
Angus F.C. Errington, Brian L.F. Daku, Arnfinn F. Prugger, David E. Dodds
Alternative procedures in realizing of the high frequency power standards with microcalorimeter and thermoelectric power sensors
Pages 269-276
Emil Vremera, Luciano Brunetti, Luca Oberto, Marco Sellone
Theoretical analysis of the temperature characteristics of an optical current sensing element
Pages 277-280
Zheng Ping Wang, Xiao Zhong Wang
A compact low-cost test equipment for thermal and electrical characterization of integrated circuits
Pages 281-289
Alessandro Cabrini, Laura Gobbi, Davide Baderna, Guido Torelli
The electric and magnetic properties of Co and Fe films percept from the coexistence of ferromagnetic and microstrip resonance for a T-type microstrip
Pages 290-297
Yi-Chen Yeh, Jun-De Jin, Ching-Min Li, Juh Tzeng Lue
A virtual measurement instrument for electrical power quality analysis using wavelets
Pages 298-307
Julio Barros, Matilde de Apraiz, Ramón I. Diego
Metrological analysis of integrated analog RMS converters described by explicit and implicit functions
Pages 308-313
Z. Nawrocki, D. Dusza, G. Kosobudzki
Metrological management of the high dc resistance scale at INRIM
Pages 314-321
F. Galliana, P.P. Capra, E. Gasparotto
 Short communication
A simple interpolation algorithm for measuring multi-frequency signal based on DFT
Pages 322-327
Jing Wu, Wei Zhao







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