Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 3



Date: April 2009


Time-domain reflectometry method and its application for measuring moisture content in porous materials: A review
Pages 329-336
Robert Černý
Metrology, static and dynamic characterization of microstructures using acousto-optic-modulated-stroboscopic-interferometry
Pages 337-345
Murali Manohar Pai, Gino Rinaldi, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Narayanswamy Sivakumar
A new out-of-machine calibration technique for passive contact analog probes
Pages 346-357
Jos´e-Antonio Yagüe, Jos´e-Antonio Albajez, Jes´us Vel´azquez, Juan-Jos´e Aguilar
Spectral analysis of leak detection in a zigzag pipeline: A filter diagonalization method-based algorithm application
Pages 358-367
Aimé Lay-Ekuakille, Giuseppe Vendramin, Amerigo Trotta
An image reconstruction algorithm based on the extended Tikhonov regularization method for electrical capacitance tomography
Pages 368-376
Lei Jing, Shi Liu, Li Zhihong, Sun Meng
Near infrared tomographic system based on high angular resolution mechanism – Design, calibration, and performance
Pages 377-389
Min-Chun Pan, Chien-Hung Chen, Min-Cheng Pan, Yi-Ming Shyr
Frequency-domain identification of the respiratory system model during the interrupter experiment
Pages 390-398
Ireneusz Jabłoński, Janusz Mroczka
Classification of ECG complexes using self-organizing CMAC
Pages 399-407
Cheng Wen, Teng-Chiao Lin, Kuang-Chiung Chang, Chih-Hung Huang
FBG pressure sensor based on the double shell cylinder with temperature compensation
Pages 408-411
Wentao Zhang, Fang Li, Yuliang Liu
Design and experimental verification of a smart sensor to measure the energy and power consumption in a one-phase AC line
Pages 412-419
D. Ramírez Muñoz, D. Moro Pérez, J. Sánchez Moreno, S. Casans Berga, E. Castro Montero
Multifrequency signal analysis by Interpolated DFT method with maximum sidelobe decay windows
Pages 420-426
Daniel Belega, Dominique Dallet
Validating a method for classifying digitally modulated signals
Pages 427-435
L. De Vito, S. Rapuano
Non-invasive measurement of the latency in somatosensory evoked potentials from tactile stimulation
Pages 436-448
S. Rapuano
Design and evaluation of a biomechanical system for athletes performance analysis
Pages 449-455
Eduardo L.M. Naves, Adriano A. Pereira, Adriano O. Andrade, Alcimar B. Soares
Prediction of the intern parameters tomato greenhouse in a semi-arid area using a time-series model of artificial neural networks
Pages 456-463
A. Dariouchy, E. Aassif, K. Lekouch, L. Bouirden, G. Maze
On-line indirect measures estimation for the performance of an absorption heat transformer integrated to a water purification process
Pages 464-473
R.F. Escobar, J. Uruchurtu, D. Juárez, J. Siqueirosand, J.A. Hernández
Correction of errors introduced by hole eccentricity in residual stress measurement by the hole-drilling strain-gage method
Pages 474-477
Paul Barsanescu, Petru Carlescu
Higher-order characterization of power quality transients and their classification using competitive layers
Pages 478-484
Juan José González de la Rosa, Antonio Moreno Muñoz, Antolino Gallego, Rosa Piotrkowski, Enrique Castro







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