Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 4



Date: May 2009


Hardware and software to design virtual laboratory for education in instrumentation and measurement
Pages 485-493
Domenico Grimaldi, Sergio Rapuano
Paradigms for uncertainty treatments: A comparative analysis with application to measurement
Pages 494-500
Giampaolo E. D’Errico
Mobile monitoring system to take nationwide PQ measurements on electricity transmission systems
Pages 501-515
Ö. Salor, S. Buhan, Ö. Ünsar, B. Boyrazoğlu, E. Altıntaş, T. Atalık, B. Haliloğlu, T. İnan, A. Kalaycıoğlu, A. Terciyanlı, A. Açık, T. Demirci, E. Özdemirci, I. Çadırcı, M. Ermiş
Estimating periodic length and defect coordinates from a series of integer values
Pages 516-523
Sanxing Zhao, Haizhou Huang, Fengcai Wang, Yourong Li, Gangcheng Wei
Uncertainty analysis of cylindricity measurements using bootstrap method
Pages 524-531
Sami A. Farooqui, Ted Doiron, Chittaranjan Sahay
Architecture and performance of RPC-based distributed vibration monitoring and diagnostic system
Pages 532-541
Tomasz Barszcz
A gear fault diagnosis using Hilbert spectrum based on MODWPT and a comparison with EMD approach
Pages 542-551
Yu Yang, Yigang He, Junsheng Cheng, Dejie Yu
Evaluation of residual stress in pre-stressed concrete material by digital image processing photoelastic coating and hole drilling method
Pages 552-558
Che-Way Chang, Ping Huang Chen, Hung Sheng Lien
On-line tracking of single phase reactive power in non-sinusoidal conditions using S-ADALINE networks
Pages 559-569
Arghya Sarkar, S. Sengupta
Gain error, offset error and ENOB estimation of an A/D converter using histogram technique
Pages 570-576
R.S. Gamad, D.K. Mishra
A consistent and robust Kalman filter design for in-motion alignment of inertial navigation system
Pages 577-582
Jamshaid Ali, Muhammad Ushaq
Measurability conditions of the signal parameter for a given prior knowledge
Pages 583-603
Grzegorz Smołalski
Liquid-level measurement using a single digital camera
Pages 604-610
Ti-Ho Wang, Ming-Chih Lu, Chen-Chien Hsu, Cheng-Chuan Chen, Jia-Dong Tan
Support vector machines employing cross-correlation for emotional speech recognition
Pages 611-618
Suryannarayana Chandaka, Amitava Chatterjee, Sugata Munshi
The study for particle image velocimetry system based on binocular vision
Pages 619-627
Hai Du, Mu-guo Li
A fuzzy state estimator based on uncertain measurements
Pages 628-637
A.K. AL-Othman
Fast detection of single-sided diffracted defects in display glass
Pages 638-644
Vitor M. Schneider, Michal Mlejnek, Kevin T. Gahagan







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