Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 5



Date: June 2009





A real-time print-defect detection system for web offset printing
Pages 645-652
N. G. Shankar, N. Ravi, Z.W. Zhong




Evaluation and management procedure of measurement uncertainty in new generation geometrical product specification (GPS)
Pages 653-660
Peng Heping, Jiang Xiangqian




Online visual measurement of self-pierce riveting systems to help determine the quality of the mechanical interlock
Pages 661-667
P. Johnson, J. D. Cullen, L. Sharples, A. Shaw, A. I. Al-Shamma’a




Principle of FT spectrometer based on a lateral effect position sensitive detector and multi channel Fabry–Perot interferometer
Pages 668-671
H. A. Andersson, A. Manuilskiy, G. Thungström, A. Lundgren, H-E. Nilsson




Hydraulic square-wave pressure generator with a specific rotating valve
Pages 672-677
S.H. Wang, T.T. Tsung, L.L. Han




Experimental and dimensional characterization of a prototype piston-cylinder unit and validation using finite element analysis (FEA)
Pages 678-684
Levent Yagmur, E. Fatih Bağli




Enhanced reflectometry measurements of permittivities and levels in layered petrochemical liquids using an “in-situ” coaxial probe
Pages 685-696
E. Piuzzi, A. Cataldo, L. Catarinucci




Efficiency analysis of home refrigerators by replacing hydrocarbon refrigerants
Pages 697-701
Ching-Song Jwo, Chen-Ching Ting, Wei-Ru Wang




A new measurement method for ultrasonic surface roughness measurements
Pages 702-705
F. Forouzbakhsh, J. Rezanejad Gatabi, I. Rezanejad Gatabi




Applicability of local magnetic measurements
Pages 706-710
O. Stupakov, H. Kikuchi, T. Liu, T. Takagi




Enhancing the stabilizing robustness for optical frequency comb
Pages 711-715
Lin Yi, Xianghui Qi, Wenlan Chen, Jingbiao Chen, Xiaoji Zhou, Xuzong Chen




On-line measurement of low-frequency oscillations in power systems
Pages 716-721
K. M. EL-Naggar




Hot-wire calibration using vortex shedding
Pages 722-729
M. A. Ardekani




A novel parallel piezoelectric six-axis heavy force/torque sensor
Pages 730-736
Ying-Jun Li, Bao-Yuan Sun, Jun Zhang, Min Qian, Zhen-Yuan Jia




Simple and accurate unwrapping phase of MR data
Pages 737-741
Peter Andris, Ivan Frollo




Implementation uncertainty evaluation of cylindricity errors based on geometrical product specification (GPS)
Pages 742-747
Jian Mao, Yanlong Cao, Jiangxin Yang




Bias of amplitude estimation using three-parameter sine fitting in the presence of additive noise
Pages 748-756
F. Corrêa Alegria




Establishment of a computer-controlled retroreflection measurement facility to characterize photometric properties of retroreflectors
Pages 757-763
F. Sametoglu, O. Celikel




The idea of using artificial neural network in measurement system with hot probe for testing parameters of heat-insulating materials
Pages 764-770
Stanislaw Chudzik




In-situ temperature measurements in the depths of injection molded parts
Pages 771-777
Shih-Jung Liu, Po-Chang Su, Kun-Yeh Lin




Cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis method using linear discriminant analysis on ECG signals
Pages 778-789
Yun-Chi Yeh, Wen-June Wang, Che Wun Chiou




Performance evaluation of MEMS accelerometers
Pages 790-795
A. Albarbar, A. Badri, Jyoti K. Sinha, A. Starr




Signal feature extraction based on an improved EMD method
Pages 796-803
Li Lin, Ji Hongbing







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