Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 6



Date: July 2009


HRV and BP
G. Postolache, L. Silva Carvalho, O. Postolache, P. Girão, I. Rocha
Small object monitoring for sensitive indoor compounds
Pages 815-829
Vivekanand Govinda, Jason F. Ralph, Joseph W. Spencer, John Y. Goulermas
The influence of loading frame stiffness on loadcell–deadweight force machine interaction
Pages 830-835
A. Abu-Sinna, Yon-Kyu Park, Dae-Im Kang, Min-Seok Kim
Experimental validation of a pyroreflectometric method to determine the true temperature on opaque surface without hampering reflections
Pages 836-843
D. Hernandez, J.L. Sans, A. Netchaieff, P. Ridoux, V. Le Sant and Procédés Matériaux et Energie Solaire (PROMES)
A computational system for uncertainty propagation of measurement results
Pages 844-855
Luca Mari
Analysis of an internally mountable accelerometer balance system for use with non-isotropic models in shock tunnels
Pages 856-862
K. Satheesh, G. Jagadeesh
Knowledge modelling in signal parameter evaluation
Pages 863-870
Grzegorz Smołalski
Investigations into the use of single-crystalline silicon as mechanical spring in load cells
Pages 871-877
Sascha Mäuselein, Oliver Mack, Roman Schwartz
Image analysis for monitoring of crack growth in hydropower concrete structures
Pages 878-893
C. Bernstone, A. Heyden
Indentation of functionally graded polyester composites
Pages 894-902
Carmine Lucignano, Fabrizio Quadrini
A method of fault diagnosis of analog parts of electronic embedded systems with tolerances
Pages 903-915
Zbigniew Czaja
Temperature measurement and control within moulded rubber during vulcanization process
Pages 916-926
Abdulrahman El Labban, Pierre Mousseau, Rémi Deterre, Jean-Luc Bailleul, Alain Sarda
A novel hybrid EMD-based drift denoising method for a dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG)
Pages 927-932
Li Qian, Guoping Xu, Weifeng Tian, Junpu Wang
Plastic scintillation fiber array coupling CCD for X-ray imaging and detection
Pages 933-936
Shibiao Tang, Jiabao Xie, Qingli Ma
A generalized L2-spline filter
Pages 937-943
Dariusz Janecki
Experimental and theoretical investigations to the effects of zinc coatings and splash on electrode cap wear
Pages 944-953
N. Athi, J.D. Cullen, M. Al-Jader, S.R. Wylie, A.I. Al-Shamma’a, A. Shaw, M. Hyde
 Short Communications
Design a mini-type marine attitude measurement system for self-propelled model trials
Pages 954-962
Fan Wang, Hongzhang Jin
Calibration of laser scanning system based on a 2D ball plate
Pages 963-968
Zhao Qiang, Wang Wei







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