Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 7



Date: August 2009


Study on real-time sensor signal transmission based on technology of polynomial predictive filtering
Pages 969-977
Jin-nan Dong, Gui-he Qin, He Yu
Development of a wearable sensor system for quantitative gait analysis
Pages 978-988
Tao Liu, Yoshio Inoue, Kyoko Shibata
Flaw detection of cylindrical surfaces in PU-packing by using machine vision technique
Pages 989-1000
Yih-Chih Chiou, Wei-Chen Li
Pilot investigation of photoplethysmographic signals and blood oxygen saturation values during blood pressure cuff-induced hypoperfusion
Pages 1001-1005
P.A. Kyriacou, K. Shafqat, S.K. Pal
Study of creep behavior of load cells
Pages 1006-1010
M.I. Mohamed, Ebtisam H. Hasan, G. Aggag
Study of ultra-miniature giant magneto resistance sensor system based on 3D static magnetic analysis technique
Pages 1011-1016
T. Lan, Y.W. Liu, M.H. Jin, S.W. Fan, Z.P. Chen, H. Liu
Development of a neutron tomography system for industrial applications
Pages 1017-1026
M.Z. Abdullah, N.A. Ashaari, M.A. Aziz
Measurement of photoplethysmographic signals in human abdominal organs
Pages 1027-1031
P.A. Kyriacou, A. Crerar-Gilbert, R.M. Langford, D.P. Jones
Resistance spot welding processing monitoring based on electrode displacement curve using moving range chart
Pages 1032-1038
Hua Wang, Yansong Zhang, Guanlong Chen
Toward dynamic force calibration
Pages 1039-1044
Yusaku Fujii
Model for radiation emission EMC measurement at OATS: Issues and approaches
Pages 1045-1052
Fahim Gohar Awan, Noor Muhammad Sheikh
Novel method to weigh medical capsules in continuous process
Pages 1053-1058
Thananchai Leephakpreeda
Online calibration of PZT driven fiber Fabry–Perot filter nonlinearity using FBG array and PSO algorithm
Pages 1059-1064
Hui Ding, Xiangnan Wu, Jianqi Liang, Xianli Li
Investigation of resistance-ratio bridges using the automated resistance bridge calibrator
Pages 1065-1072
T. Podgornik, J. Bojkovski, V. Batagelj, J. Drnovsek
Measurement of the electromagnetic field radiating by commercial ESD generators with the Pellegrini target on insulating material
Pages 1073-1081
G.P. Fotis, C.A. Christodoulou, C.D. Pippis, L. Ekonomou, I. Zafeiropoulos, T.I. Maris, D.C. Karamousantas, G.E. Chatzarakis, I.F. Gonos, I.A. Stathopulos
Measuring soil contamination with the time domain induced polarization method using LabVIEW
Pages 1082-1091
F. Corręa Alegria, E. Martinho, F. Almeida
Bearing fault detection based on optimal wavelet filter and sparse code shrinkage
Pages 1092-1102
Wei He, Zhi-Nong Jiang, Kun Feng
Evaluation of resistance–temperature calibration equations for NTC thermistors
Pages 1103-1111
Chiachung Chen
An anchored discrete convolution algorithm for measuring length in digital images
Pages 1112-1117
Alojz Suhadolnik, Jože Petrišič, Franc Kosel
The application of the bivariate distribution and mutual information in measurement
Pages 1118-1121
M. Rybokas, K.T.V. Grattan, V. Giniotis







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