Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 8



Date: October 2009


Application of hand grip signals for an objective evaluation of Parkinson disease: Analysis and comparison with standard functional clinical tests
Pages 1123-1130
F. Attivissimo, G. Cavone, A.M.L. Lanzolla, M. Savino
 Regular articles
Accuracy analysis of the State-of-Charge and remaining run-time determination for lithium-ion batteries
Pages 1131-1138
V. Pop, H.J. Bergveld, P.H.L. Notten, J.H.G. Op het Veld, P.P.L. Regtien
Measurement of active power by time domain digital signal processing
Pages 1139-1152
Martin Novotny, Milos Sedlacek
A few remarks about assessment methods of electric power quality on ships – Present state and further development
Pages 1153-1163
Tomasz Tarasiuk
Bounds on the performance of analog-to-digital converter look-up table post-correction
Pages 1164-1175
Henrik F. Lundin, Peter Händel, Mikael Skoglund
Measuring functional recovery of hemiparetic subjects during gentle robot therapy
Pages 1176-1187
Maura Casadio, Pietro Morasso, Alessandro Noriaki Ide, Vittorio Sanguineti, Psiche Giannoni
Magnetic induction measurements in high voltage centers of 150/20 kV
Pages 1188-1194
A.A.P. Paraskevopoulos, P.D. Bourkas, C.G. Karagiannopoulos
Principles of new method of optimisation, design and modelling of pipeline A/D converters
Pages 1195-1202
K. Jędrzejewski, A.A. Platonov
Monitoring network for online diagnosis of power generators
Pages 1203-1213
J. Ramirez-Niño, A. Pascacio, J. Carrillo, O. de la Torre
Measurement of elastic constants of limited-size piezoelectric ceramic sample by ultrasonic method
Pages 1214-1219
Guorong Song, Cunfu He, Zenghua Liu, Yao Huang, Bin Wu
Optimization of impedance measurements using ‘chirp’ type perturbation signal
Pages 1220-1225
P. Slepski, K. Darowicki
Hyperbolic tangent algorithm for periodic effect cancellation in sub-pixel resolution edge displacement measurement
Pages 1226-1232
Angela Cantatore, Alfredo Cigada, Remo Sala, Emanuele Zappa
An accurate technique of measurement of a transducer output by using a modified two core saturable reactor
Pages 1233-1240
S.C. Bera, N. Mandal, R. Sarkar
Measurement and simultaneous compression of multidimensional γ-ray histograms using address randomizing transforms
Pages 1241-1256
M. Morháč, V. Matoušek, I. Turzo
 Technical notes
Feedback control procedure for energy efficiency optimization of microwave-heating ovens
Pages 1257-1262
Juan Monzó-Cabrera, J.L. Pedreño-Molina, A. Toledo
Self calibration in a fiber optic sensing system using the entangled photon states walk-off compensation
Pages 1263-1267
S. Suchat, W. Khunnam, P.P. Yupapin







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