Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 42, 9



Concerning Foundational Concepts of Measurement Special Issue Section
Edited by Ludwik Finkelstein


Date: November 2009


Foundational Concepts of Measurement
Page 1269
Widely-defined measurement – An analysis of challenges
Pages 1270-1277
Ludwik Finkelstein
Invariance and traceability for measures of human, social, and natural capital: Theory and application
Pages 1278-1287
William P. Fisher Jr.
Cross-disciplinary concepts and terms in measurement
Pages 1288-1296
Giovanni Battista Rossi
On the degree of objectivity of uncertainty evaluation in metrology and testing
Pages 1297-1303
Franco Pavese
 Regular Articles
A low-cost inspection system for online defects assessment in satin glass
Pages 1304-1311
Francesco Adamo, Filippo Attivissimo, Attilio Di Nisio, Mario Savino
Comparison of frequency estimation algorithms for power quality assessment
Pages 1312-1317
Pedro M. Ramos, A. Cruz Serra
Establishing reference value in high frequency power comparisons
Pages 1318-1323
Luciano Brunetti, Luca Oberto, Marco Sellone, Paolo Terzi
Construction and evaluation of a traceable metrological scanning tunnelling microscope
Pages 1324-1329
Joerg Hoffmann, Alexander Schuler, Albert Weckenmann
Calibration of low frequency magnetic field meters using a Helmholtz coil
Pages 1330-1334
Celso Fabricio de Melo, Ricardo Luiz Araújo, Leonardo Morozowski Ardjomand, Nilton S. Ramos Quoirin, Minoru Ikeda, Alexandre Albarello Costa
Stabilisation of an optical fiber Michelson interferometer measurement system using a simple feedback circuit
Pages 1335-1340
Fang Xie, Zhimin Chen, Junyu Ren
Algebraic approach to extensive measurement based on direct comparison
Pages 1341-1351
Michał K. Urbański, Janusz Wąsowski
Methods for measuring refractive index and absorption coefficient of a moving particle using polarized-type phase-Doppler technique
Pages 1352-1362
N. Yokoi, Y. Aizu
Primary accelerometer calibration problems due to vibration exciters
Pages 1363-1369
Gustavo P. Ripper, Ronaldo S. Dias, Guilherme A. Garcia
Comparison of impedance measurements in a DSP using ellipse-fit and seven-parameter sine-fit algorithms
Pages 1370-1379
Pedro M. Ramos, Fernando M. Janeiro, Tomáš Radil
Adaptive compensation for eccentric error in truck scale
Pages 1380-1387
Lin Haijun, Teng Zhaosheng, Guo Siyu, Chen Tao, Chi Hai, Yi. Zhao
The new method of calculation sum and difference histogram for quantized data
Pages 1388-1394
Dariusz Chaberski, Marek Zieliński, Sławomir Grzelak
Improved progressive polynomial algorithm for self-calibration and optimal response in smart sensors
Pages 1395-1401
J. Rivera, G. Herrera, M. Chacón
A multi-sensor network for direction finding of moving ferromagnetic objects inside water by magnetic anomaly
Pages 1402-1416
Sedat Nazlibilek, Yavuz Ege, Osman Kalender
The electro-mechanical transfer function of an ultrasonic wheel system
Pages 1417-1425
Puu-An Juang, Chun-Liang Lin







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