Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 1



Date: January 2010


 1. Detection and measurement of the inverse axial flow by means of the flying hot wire technique
Pages 1-8
T. Fernández-Roque, M. Toledo-Velázquez, J.F. Vázquez-Flores
Optimizing the design and operation of measurements for control: Dynamic optimization approach
Pages 9-20
Aino Ropponen, Risto Ritala
Smart Sensors Systems Design: New curricula based on Marie Curie Chairs Excellence (EXC) project’s results
Pages 21-30
Sergey Y. Yurish
Ordinary hot-wire/hot-film method for spirography application
Pages 31-38
M.A. Ardekani, M. Masoudi Motlagh
Dedicated optical instruments for ultrasonic welder inspection and control
Pages 39-45
M. Norgia, M. Annoni, A. Pesatori, C. Svelto
A 2D micro-fluxgate earth magnetic field measurement systems with fully automated acquisition setup
Pages 46-53
Andrea Baschirotto, Enrico Dallago, Massimo Ferri, Piero Malcovati, Andrea Rossini, Giuseppe Venchi
Importance of denoising in dielectric response measurements of transformer insulation: An uncertainty analysis based approach
Pages 54-66
Debangshu Dey, Biswendu Chatterjee, Sivaji Chakravorti, Sugata Munshi
A robust parametric method for power harmonic estimation based on M-Estimators
Pages 67-77
Cai Tao, Duan Shanxu, Ren Ting, Liu Fangrui
Novel method for evaluating surface roughness by grey dynamic filtering
Pages 78-82
Zhongyu Wang, HaoMeng, Jihua Fu
Air gauges as a part of the dimensional inspection systems
Pages 83-91
Miroslaw Rucki, Branimir Barisic, Gyula Varga
An estimation method for the Shock Response Spectrum propagating into plates subjected to hypervelocity impact
Pages 92-102
G. Parzianello, A. Francesconi, D. Pavarin
Detection of premature ventricular contractions using MLP neural networks: A comparative study
Pages 103-112
Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh, Ali Khazaee
Uncertainty of measurement in spectrometric analysis: A case study
Pages 113-121
J. Dobilienė, E. Raudienė, R.P. Žilinskas
Value of measurement information: A simple case study on grade change decisions
Pages 122-134
Heikki Jokinen, Risto Ritala
New temporal phase-shifting technique utilizing stroboscopy for static characterization of microstructures
Pages 135-143
Davoud Mohammdalizadeh, Murali Manohohar Pai, Narayanswamy Sivakumar, Muthukumaran Packirisamy
A MEMS viscometer for unadulterated human blood
Pages 144-151
P.D. Smith, R.C.D. Young, C.R. Chatwin
Global unsteady pressure-sensitive paint measurements of a moving shock wave using thin-layer chromatography
Pages 152-155
N. Gongora-Orozco, H. Zare-Behtash, K. Kontis








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