Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 10



Date: December 2010




Principles of Shape from Specular Reflection

Pages 1305-1317
J. Balzer, S. Werling

Regular Articles




Evaluation of moment arm length and fulcrum sensitivity limit in a 10 N·m dead weight torque standard machine
Pages 1318-1326
Atsuhiro Nishino, Koji Ogushi, Kazunaga Ueda



Measurement of synchronous machine parameters using Kalman filter based fuzzy logic estimator

Pages 1327-1335
H.M. Al-Hamadi, K.M. EL-Naggar



Automation of photoacoustic spectrometer using VEE Pro software
Pages 1336-1344
K. Jeyadheepan, P. Palanichamy, P. Kalyanasundaram, M. Jayaprakasam, C. Sanjeeviraja, K. Ramachandran



Computer simulation of a 1.0 GPa piston–cylinder assembly using finite element analysis (FEA)
Pages 1345-1354
Sugandha Dogra, Sanjay Yadav, A.K. Bandyopadhyay



A traffic radar verification system based on GPS–Doppler technology
Pages 1355-1362
Soledad Torres-Guijarro, Esteban Vázquez-Fernández, Miguel Seoane-Seoane, J. Alfonso Mondaray-Zafrilla



Modular design of a long-term portable recorder for physiological signals
Pages 1363-1368
Fu-Shan Jaw, Yi-Li Tseng, Jin-Kae Jang



Measurements of dimensional standards and etalons with feature size from tens of micrometres to millimetres by using sensor strengthened nanomeasuring machine
Pages 1369-1375
Xiaomei Chen, Yu Wan, Ludger Koenders, Meinhard Schilling



Diesel engine fuel injection monitoring using acoustic measurements and independent component analysis
Pages 1376-1386
A. Albarbar, F. Gu, A.D. Ball



Finite element modelling for a piezoelectric ultrasonic system
Pages 1387-1397
Li-Hong Juang



An unambiguous expression method of the surface texture
Pages 1398-1403
Qunfen Qi, Xiangqian Jiang, Xiaojun Liu, Paul J. Scott



FIR modeling of voltage instrument transformers with iron core for the study of fast transients
Pages 1404-1415
Martin Dadić, Samir Keitoue, Roman Malarić, Siniša Gazivoda



Evaluation of the optimal design “cosinor model” for enhancing the potential of robotic theodolite kinematic observations
Pages 1416-1424
V. Zarikas, V. Gikas, C.P. Kitsos



A typical filter design to improve the measured signals from MEMS accelerometer
Pages 1425-1430
Abdellatef E. Badri, Jyoti K. Sinha, Alhussein Albarbar



Development of a digital close-range photogrammetric bridge deflection measurement system
Pages 1431-1438
Ruinian Jiang, David V. Jauregui



Detection process approach of tool wear in high speed milling
Pages 1439-1446
M. Kious, A. Ouahabi, M. Boudraa, R. Serra, A. Cheknane



A hybrid unscented filtering and particle swarm optimization technique for harmonic analysis of nonstationary signals
Pages 1447-1457
P.K. Dash, Shazia Hasan, B.K. Panigrahi



Determining the optimal scale width for a rating scale using an integrated discrimination function
Pages 1458-1471
Minghui Lai, Yongjian Li, Yanli Liu



On-site non-destructive measurement of termite activity using the spectral kurtosis and the discrete wavelet transform
Pages 1472-1488
Juan José González de la Rosa, Antonio Moreno-Muñoz, Antolino Gallego, Rosa Piotrkowski, Enrique Castro



Mooring alignment for marine SINS using the digital filter
Pages 1489-1494
Feng Sun, Wei Sun



An ESN-STM spectrometer for single spin detection
Pages 1495-1502
P. Krukowski, W. Olejniczak, Z. Klusek, S. Pawlowski, P. Kobierski, M. Puchalski



A theoretical and experimental study on transverse field radio frequency surface coils
Pages 1503-1515
Maria Alfonsetti, Antonello Sotgiu, Marcello Alecci



On the modeling of a piezoelectrically actuated microsensor for simultaneous measurement of fluids viscosity and density
Pages 1516-1524
Ghader Rezazadeh, Mina Ghanbari, Iraj Mirzaee, Aliasghar Keyvani



The effect of calibration equations on the uncertainty of UV–Vis spectrophotometric measurements
Pages 1525-1531
Kang-Hung Hsu, Chiachung Chen



Investigation of time selectivity of wireless channels through the use of RVC
Pages 1532-1541
Sabih Güzelgöz, Serhan Yarkan, Hüseyin Arslan



A novel fuzzy c-means method for classifying heartbeat cases from ECG signals
Pages 1542-1555
Yun-Chi Yeh, Wen-June Wang, Che Wun Chiou



Derivation and comparison of fundamental uncertainty limits for laser-two-focus velocimetry, laser Doppler anemometry and Doppler global velocimetry
Pages 1556-1574
Andreas Fischer, Thorsten Pfister, Jürgen Czarske



A universal spline filter for surface metrology
Pages 1575-1582
Hao Zhang, Yibao Yuan, Weiying Piao



A calibration system for PTU devices
Pages 1583-1588
Sari Saxholm, Martti Heinonen



Design and development of a high precision thermocouple based smart industrial thermometer with on line linearisation and data logging feature
Pages 1589-1594
Utpal Sarma, P.K. Boruah



LIDFT method with classic data windows and zero padding in multifrequency signal analysis
Pages 1595-1602
Józef Borkowski, Janusz Mroczka



Subharmonic measurement using DFT and Wavelet-Packet Transform in an IEC extended framework
Pages 1603-1608
Ramón I. Diego, Julio Barros



Improvement on state estimation for discrete-time LTI systems with measurement loss
Pages 1609-1622
Naeem Khan, Sajjad Fekri, Dawei Gu



Measuring temperature dependence of photoelectric conversion efficiency with dye-sensitized solar cells
Pages 1623-1627
Chen-Ching Ting, Wei-Shi Chao



Measuring harmonic distortion in electrical power networks – New approach
Pages 1628-1635
Angela Varadine Szarka



Electrolytic sensor for trace level determination of moisture in gas streams
Pages 1636-1643
V. Manickam, E. Prabhu, V. Jayaraman, K.I. Gnanasekar, T. Gnanasekaran, K.S. Nagaraja



A new approach to gas flow calibration
Pages 1644-1648
Paul D. Levine



Image noise reduction using Wiener filtering with pseudo-inverse
Pages 1649-1655
Li-Hong Juang, Ming-Ni Wu



Optimization of parameters acting on a projectile velocity within a four stage induction coil-gun
Pages 1656-1660
Ismail Coşkun, Osman Kalender, Yavuz Ege, Sedat Nazlibilek



Automatic bridge for comparison of inductance standards
Pages 1661-1667
Krzysztof Musioł, Andrzej Met, Tadeusz Skubis



Difference temperature-to-time electronic interface based on a thermistor-to-generalized impedance converter
Pages 1668-1675
D. Ramírez Muñoz, E. Castro Montero, J. Sánchez Moreno, S. Casans Berga, A.E. Navarro Antón, J. Fong Barrio, A. Salazar Mustelier



Validation and verification methodology of GSM network call duration measurement system
Pages 1676-1682
P. Kaškonas, R.P. Žilinskas



Frequency dependent parameter model of supercapacitor
Pages 1683-1689
S. Barsali, M. Ceraolo, M. Marracci, B. Tellini



Fuzzy classification of roof fall predictors in microseismic monitoring
Pages 1690-1701
Crystal A. Bertoncini, Mark K. Hinders



Design and fabrication of a six-dimensional wrist force/torque sensor based on E-type membranes compared to cross beams
Pages 1702-1719
Qiaokang Liang, Dan Zhang, Quanjun Song, Yunjian Ge, Huibin Cao, Yu Ge


Short Communication



A robust digital watermarking scheme for video copyright protection in the wavelet domain
Pages 1720-1726
Radu O. Preda, Dragos N. Vizireanu

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