Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 2



Date: February 2010


Experimental studies on fiber optic sensors embedded in concrete
Pages 157-163
K. Kesavan, K. Ravisankar, S. Parivallal, P. Sreeshylam, S. Sridhar
Evaluation of roundness error from coordinate data using curvature technique
Pages 164-168
Li Xiuming, Shi Zhaoyao
SI traceability: Current status and future trends for forces below 10 microNewtons
Pages 169-182
Min-Seok Kim, Jon R. Pratt
Comparison of the radiation temperature scales between MIKES and PTB
Pages 183-189
M. Ojanen, K. Anhalt, J. Hartmann, S. Schiller, T. Weckström, P. Kärhä, M. Heinonen, E. Ikonen
A novel approach for the field calibration of line structured-light sensors
Pages 190-196
Xie Zexiao, Zhu Weitong, Zhang Zhiwei, Jin Ming
Measuring radial pressure distributions of piston rings based on partial-thin-walled cylinder
Pages 197-203
Xingsong Wang, Xiaosong Chen
Qualitative evaluation of the germination frequency in Zr–Fe binary alloy
Pages 204-209
D. Saidi, B. Zaid, N. Boutarek, N. Bacha, A. Si Ahmed, J.P. Bibérian
Investigation of some dielectric properties of phosphate glasses doped with iron oxides, by a microwave technique
Pages 210-215
P. Bergo, W.M. Pontuschka, J.M. Prison, C.C. Motta
Effect and measurement of the machine compliance in the macro range of instrumented indentation test
Pages 216-222
Christian Ullner, Erhard Reimann, Harald Kohlhoff, Andreas Subaric-Leitis
Simple and efficient algorithms for roundness evaluation from the coordinate measurement data
Pages 223-235
E.S. Gadelmawla
Virtual spheres gauge for coordinate measuring arms performance test
Pages 236-244
Antonio Piratelli-Filho, Glauber Roberto Lesnau
Qualitative and quantitative measurements of horseshoe vortex formation in the junction of horizontal and vertical plates
Pages 245-254
B. Sahin, H. Akilli, C. Karakus, M.A. Akar, E. Ozkul
Detection of ECG characteristic points using Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis based Selective Coefficient Method
Pages 255-261
Saurabh Pal, Madhuchhanda Mitra
Static and dynamic test of high resolution DAC based on over sampling and low resolution ADC
Pages 262-273
Domenico Luca Carnì, Domenico Grimaldi
Investigation of the relationship between internal fluid leakage through a valve and the acoustic emission generated from the leakage
Pages 274-282
W. Kaewwaewnoi, A. Prateepasen, P. Kaewtrakulpong
Acoustical signature analysis of a helicopter cabin in steady-state and run up operational conditions
Pages 283-293
Emiliano Mucchi, Antonio Vecchio






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