Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 3



Date: April 2010


Study on carrier mobility measurement using electroluminescence in frequency domain and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 295-298
Jinzhao Huang, Zheng Xu, Suling Zhao, Shishuai Li, Xiupeng Feng, Peiji Wang, Zhong Zhang
Correlation based novel technique for real time oscilloscope triggering for complex waveforms
Pages 299-311
K.P.S. Rana, R. Singh, K.S. Sayann
Design and implementation of a high accuracy sampling wattmeter under non-sinusoidal and off-nominal frequency conditions
Pages 312-319
Arghya Sarkar, S. Sengupta
Assessing interoperability of access equipment for broadband networks
Pages 320-328
Luca De Vito, Sergio Rapuano
Measurement method of six-axis load sharing based on the Stewart platform
Pages 329-335
Zhen-Yuan Jia, Sheng Lin, Wei Liu
Research on the piezoelectric torsional effect of a rectangular quartz disc and a novel drilling dynamometer
Pages 336-343
Changyin Gao, Wanquan Li, Baoyuan Sun
Soil moisture assessment by means of compressional and shear wave velocities: Theoretical analysis and experimental setup
Pages 344-352
F. Adamo, F. Attivissimo, L. Fabbiano, N. Giaquinto, M. Spadavecchia
Application of a new parametric model-based filter to knock intensity measurement
Pages 353-362
M.M. Ettefagh, M.H. Sadeghi, M. Rezaee, R. Khoshbakhti, R. Akbarpour
A sensing and actuating transducer for measuring point impedance to moment
Pages 363-369
Hou Xiaoyan, Shih-fu Ling
Fiber optic pressure sensor based on a single-mode fiber F–P cavity
Pages 370-374
Haiyan Chen
Study on wireless sensing for monitoring the corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures
Pages 375-380
Jin Wu, Wencao Wu
Statistic optics discussion on the formula of digital holographic 3D surface profiling measurement
Pages 381-384
Junchang Li, Zujie Peng
A three-point-probe method for measuring resistivity and the Hall coefficient using Hall devices with minimal design complexity
Pages 385-391
S.V. Lozanova, Ch.S. Roumenin
Can coverage factor 2 be interpreted as an equivalent to 95% coverage level in uncertainty estimation? Two case studies
Pages 392-399
Martin Vilbaste, Georgi Slavin, Olev Saks, Viljar Pihl, Ivo Leito
Dielectric measurements of tropical wood
Pages 400-405
Olivier Vidémé Bossou, Juan R. Mosig, Jean-François Zurcher
Study on ensuring indoor fresh air volume in winter
Pages 406-409
Yan Fengfeng, Wei Zhang, Zizhu Dai, Ning Xu
Determining Hounsfield Unit values of mortar constituents by computerized tomography
Pages 410-414
H. Yılmaz Aruntaş, İlker Tekin, Recep Birgül
Validation of piezoelectric measurement system for weapon firing pin percussion energy
Pages 415-420
Jorma Jussila
Comparising measuring methods of pitch diameter of thread gauges and analysis of influences on the measurement results
Pages 421-425
T. Primozic Merkac, B. Acko
The effect of IEC grouping algorithms on frequency domain noise
Pages 426-433
Dalibor Brnobić, Saša Vlahinić, Nino Stojković
Analytical design of dual-tone signal for ADC phase-plane testing
Pages 434-446
Conceição Líbano Monteiro, Pasquale Arpaia, António Cruz Serra
X-ray chest image reconstruction by Radon transform simulation with fan-beam geometry
Pages 447-453
Li-Hong Juang






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