Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 4



Date: May 2010





Digital filtering of acceleration data acquired during the intervention of a lift safety gears
Pages 455-468
T. Pulecchi, A. Manes, M. Lisignoli, M. Giglio




Calculation of the unit normal vector using the cross-curve moving mask method for probe radius compensation of a freeform surface measurement
Pages 469-478
Ruey-Tsung Lee, Fang-Jung Shiou




Volume-grating digital speckle pattern interferometry for measurement of dynamic out-of-plane displacement fields
Pages 479-482
K.F. Wang, M.H. Gao, A.K. Tieu




Combating the effect of chassis squat in vehicle performance calculations by accelerometer measurements
Pages 483-488
Peter Händel, Bo Enstedt, Martin Ohlsson




A multiagent approach to manage communication in wireless instrumentation systems
Pages 489-503
J.-P. Jamont, M. Occello, A. Lagrèze




What does mean mean? – A systematic treatment of statistical methods for measurand estimation
Pages 504-512
Giampaolo E. D’Errico




A SVM-based pipeline leakage detection and pre-warning system
Pages 513-519
Zhigang Qu, Hao Feng, Zhoumo Zeng, Jingchang Zhuge, Shijiu Jin




Accurate determination of spring constant of atomic force microscope cantilevers and comparison with other methods
Pages 520-526
Min-Seok Kim, Jae-Hyuk Choi, Jong-Ho Kim, Yon-Kyu Park




Investigation on the determination of flow direction using two parallel cylindrical hot film sensors
Pages 527-537
M.A. Ardekani, M. Aminy, A. Khoshnevis




Best-fit criterion within the context of likelihood maximization estimation
Pages 538-548
S. Aranda, J.M. Linares, J.M. Sprauel




Smart Coriolis mass flowmeter
Pages 549-555
M. Shanmugavalli, M. Umapathy, G. Uma




Determination of dielectric constant and loss of high-K thin films in the microwave frequencies
Pages 556-562
K. Sudheendran, D. Pamu, M. Ghanashyam Krishna, K.C. James Raju




Determination of optimum measurement points via A-optimality criterion for the calibration of measurement apparatus
Pages 563-569
Ch. Hajiyev




An adaptive Morlet wavelet filter for time-of-flight estimation in ultrasonic damage assessment
Pages 570-585
Hanxin Chen, Ming J. Zuo, Xiaodong Wang, Mohammad R. Hoseini




Cylindrical surface irregularities presented by frequency spectra of relative tool displacement to the workpiece
Pages 586-595
Adam Boryczko




Building output–input function of catalytic combustion sensor to diesel vapor
Pages 596-602
Xiaozhou Lü, Wenke Lu




Influence of blockage and upstream disturbances on the performance of a vortex flowmeter with a trapezoidal bluff body
Pages 603-616
A. Venugopal, Amit Agrawal, S.V. Prabhu










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