Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 5


IMEKO XIX World Congress Part 1 – Advances in Fundamental and Applied Metrology
Edited by Ludwik Finkelstein and Pasquale Daponte


Date: June 2010


Advances in fundamental and applied metrology
Page 617
Pasquale Daponte, Ludwik Finkelstein
Comprehensive simulation software for teaching camera calibration by a constructivist methodology
Pages 618-630
David Samper, Jorge Santolaria, Ana Cristina Majarena, Juan José Aguilar
Vibration effect on hardness measurement
Pages 631-636
Tassanai Sanponpute, Apichaya Meesaplak
Stability assessment of density reference liquids supported by GC–MS analysis (density reference liquids stability supported by GC–MS)
Pages 637-644
Salvatore Lorefice, Elena Amico di Meane, Michela Sega
Simultaneous measurement of emissivity and temperature of silicon wafers using a polarization technique
Pages 645-651
Tohru Iuchi, Atsushi Gogami
Limitations of precision length measurements based on interferometers
Pages 652-658
Gerd Jaeger
Problems of measurement of barrel- and saddle-shaped elements using the radial method
Pages 659-663
D. Janecki, K. Stepien, S. Adamczak
1–15,000 Pa Absolute mode comparisons between the NIST ultrasonic interferometer manometers and non-rotating force-balanced piston gauges
Pages 664-674
Jay H. Hendricks, Douglas A. Olson
Reaction time and EMG measurement applied to human control modeling
Pages 675-683
Edwardo Arata Y. Murakami
Developments of low-cost procedure to estimate cloud base height based on a digital camera
Pages 684-689
Fernando M. Janeiro, Pedro M. Ramos, Frank Wagner, A.M. Silva
Validation of measurement capabilities
Pages 690-693
Eduarda Filipe
Development of an international guide for measurement software
Pages 694-701
Norbert Greif, Graeme Parkin
Data reconciliation and variable classification by null space methods
Pages 702-707
Christos L. Mitsas
On-line dynamic error compensation of accelerometers by uncertainty-optimal filtering
Pages 708-713
Sascha Eichstädt, Alfred Link, Thomas Bruns, Clemens Elster
Fiber-optical measurement of form deviations of rotation-symmetric parts
Pages 714-718
Robert Schmitt, Niels König, Guilherme Francisco Mallmann, Frank Depiereux
Correction and evaluation of the effect due to parasitic motion on primary accelerometer calibration
Pages 719-725
Akihiro Oota, Takashi Usuda, Hideaki Nozato








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