Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 6



Date: June 2010


Review of certain key issues in indirect measurements of the mass flow rate of solids in pneumatic conveying pipelines
Pages 727-734
Yingna Zheng, Qiang Liu
 Regular articles
A new and low cost lead resistance compensation technique for resistive sensors
Pages 735-738
Tapan Kr. Maiti, Asim Kar
Efficiency of non-linear lens distortion models in biomechanical analysis of human movement
Pages 739-746
Serdar Aritan
A cross-target-based accurate calibration method of binocular stereo systems with large-scale field-of-view
Pages 747-754
Zhenzhong Xiao, Liang Jin, Dehong Yu, Zhengzong Tang
Non-contact experimental modal analysis using air excitation and a microphone array
Pages 755-765
R. Farshidi, D. Trieu, S.S. Park, T. Freiheit
Amplitude estimation using IEEE-STD-1057 three-parameter sine wave fit: Statistical distribution, bias and variance
Pages 766-770
Peter Händel
A web-based distributed measurement system for electrical power quality assessment
Pages 771-780
Juan José González de la Rosa, Antonio Moreno Muñoz, Aurora Gil de Castro, Víctor Pallarés López, Jose Antonio Sánchez Castillejo
Support vector machine based data processing algorithm for wear degree classification of slurry pump systems
Pages 781-791
Jian Qu, Ming J Zuo
Hysteresis errors of commonly used sensor materials
Pages 792-796
Bulent Aydemir, Levent Yagmur, Sinan Fank
Neuro-fuzzy techniques for the classification of earthquake damages in buildings
Pages 797-809
P.F. Alvanitopoulos, I. Andreadis, A. Elenas
Stitched Acousto-Optic Modulator Stroboscopic Interferometry for characterizing larger microstructures
Pages 810-821
Davoud Mohammadalizadeh, Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Sivakumar Narayanswamy
Use of coordinate measuring machines and digital optical machines for the geometric characterization of circumference arcs using the minimum zone method
Pages 822-836
P. Maresca, E. Gómez, J. Caja, C. Barajas, M. Berzal
Practical way to measure large-scale 2D parts using repositioning on coordinate-measuring machines
Pages 837-841
Sergey Kosarevsky
Evaluating measurement and process capabilities by GR&R with four quality measures
Pages 842-851
Abbas Al-Refaie, Nour Bata
A recommended method for evaluation of international comparison results
Pages 852-856
J.E. Decker, A.J. Lewis, M.G. Cox, A.G. Steele, R.J. Douglas
Measurement of deflections in buried flexible pipes by close range digital photogrammetry
Pages 857-865
F. Yılmaztürk, S. Kulur, N. Terzi
Corrigendum to “Study on ensuring indoor fresh air volume in winter” [J. Measur. 43 (3) (2010) 406–409]
Page 866
Hong Yanfeng, Wei Zhang, Zizhu Dai, Ning Xu









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