Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 7



Date: August 2010






Metrological self-check and evolution of metrology
Pages 869-877
R. Taymanov, K. Sapozhnikova





An overview of different signal sources for histogram based testing of ADCs
Pages 878-886
Marco Corrado, Sergio Rapuano, Jan Šaliga


 Regular articles




Estimation of frequency components in stator current for the detection of broken rotor bars in induction machines
Pages 887-900
Shuo Chen, Rastko Živanović





A new optimized uncertainty evaluation applied to the Monte-Carlo simulation in platinum resistance thermometer calibration
Pages 901-911
Kamran Shahanaghi, Pooneh Nakhjiri





An envelope analysis based on the resonance modes of the mechanical system for the bearing defect diagnosis
Pages 912-934
Yuh-Tay Sheen





Method of generating a hydraulic step wave with a short rise time
Pages 935-940
S.H. Wang, T.T. Tsung, L.L. Han





MRI brain lesion image detection based on color-converted K-means clustering segmentation
Pages 941-949
Li-Hong Juang, Ming-Ni Wu





A three-point electrical potential difference method for in situ monitoring of propagating mixed-mode cracks at high temperature
Pages 950-959
V. Spitas, C. Spitas, P. Michelis





An innovative combined electronic instrument transformer applied in high voltage lines
Pages 960-965
Chen Qing, Li Hong-bin, Huang Ben-xiong





Cultural evolutionary design of adaptive wavelet filters based on lifting scheme for micro-instruments
Pages 966-974
Pasquale Arpaia, Carlo Manna, Carmine Romanucci, Antonio Zanesco





Accelerated convergence for a normal state layered superconductor’s transverse resistance expression, measured with strip contacts
Pages 975-982
A. Nader, O. Kouba



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