Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 8



IMEKO XIX World Congress Part 2 - Advances in Measurement of Electrical Quantities

Edited by Pasquale Daponte and Jan Saliga


Date: October 2010


Advances in measurement of electrical quantities
Pages 983-984
Pasquale Daponte, Jan Saliga
Innovative methods for the selection of bandpass sampling rate in cost-effective RF measurement instruments
Pages 985-993
G. Betta, D. Capriglione, L. Ferrigno, G. Miele
Iterative design of DSP cosine windows by placing spectrum zeros, and some new classes of DSP cosine windows
Pages 994-1011
Milos Sedlacek, Zdenek Stoudek
Development of DSP-based instrumentation for power quality monitoring on ships
Pages 1012-1020
Janusz Mindykowski, Tomasz Tarasiuk
Advanced technique for non-destructive testing of friction stir welding of metals
Pages 1021-1030
Luis S. Rosado, Telmo G. Santos, Moisés Piedade, Pedro M. Ramos, Pedro Vilaça
Quality and anti-adulteration control of vegetable oils through microwave dielectric spectroscopy
Pages 1031-1039
Andrea Cataldo, Emanuele Piuzzi, Giuseppe Cannazza, Egidio De Benedetto, Luciano Tarricone
Severity assessment issues for short voltage dips
Pages 1040-1048
Daniele Gallo, Carmine Landi, Mario Luiso
Multi-core implementation of the symmetric cryptography algorithms in the measurement system
Pages 1049-1060
Piotr Bilski, Wiesław Winiecki
Processing of bidirectional exponential stimulus in ADC testing
Pages 1061-1068
Ján Šaliga, Linus Michaeli, Michal Sakmár, Ján Buša
Issues in the characterization of power quality instruments
Pages 1069-1076
Daniele Gallo, Carmine Landi, Mario Luiso




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