Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44, 1



Date: January 2011




Multi-beam laser probe for measuring position and orientation of freeform surface
Pages 1-10
Ruey-Tsung Lee, Fang-Jung Shiou



Metrological assessment of LIDAR signals in water
Pages 11-17
Carlos Eduardo Deodoro Rodrigues, Rui Pitanga Marques da Silva, Raul Almeida Nunes



Validation of a method for composition measurement of a non-standard liquid fuel for Emission Factor evaluation
Pages 18-23
Giulio D’Emilia, Simona Lucci, Emanuela Natale, Francesca Pizzicannella



Characterization of dual-periodic structures with optical scattering
Pages 24-28
Jun Wang, Wei Zhou, Anand K. Asundi, Lennie E.N. Lim, Er-Ping Li



Measurement optimum condition of speckle interferometry based on dual-camera technique
Pages 29-33
Y. Arai, T. Takegawa, S. Yokozeki



Effectiveness of Impact-Synchronous Time Averaging in determination of dynamic characteristics of a rotor dynamic system
Pages 34-45
Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Rahman, Ong Zhi Chao, Zubaidah Ismail



Feature extraction of AE characteristics in offshore structure model using Hilbert–Huang transform
Pages 46-54
Li Lin, Fulei Chu



Uniaxial fiber Bragg grating accelerometer system with temperature and cross axis insensitivity
Pages 55-59
Paulo Antunes, Humberto Varum, Paulo André



The effect of body temperature on the accuracy of arterial and end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement
Pages 60-64
Carmen Caroline Rasera, Pedro Miguel Gewehr, Adriana Maria Trevisan Domingues, Fernando Faria Junior



RF CMOS transceiver at 2.4 GHz in wearables for measuring the cardio-respiratory function
Pages 65-73
João Paulo Carmo, José Higino Correia



Low cost high sensitivity dynamometer
Pages 74-79
J. Topolnicki, N. Skoczylas



Novel integrated position measurement unit for stepping motor servo control
Pages 80-87
Shi Jingzhuo, Zhang Huimin, Liu Xun



A novel magnetostrictive static force sensor based on the giant magnetostrictive material
Pages 88-95
Zhen-Yuan Jia, Hui-Fang Liu, Fu-Ji Wang, Wei Liu, Chun-Ya Ge



A multiscale optimal filter method for micro-motion measurement with high accuracy
Pages 96-101
Qinghua Lu, Xianmin Zhang, Yanbin Fan



Improvements in road geometry measurement using inertial measurement systems in datalog vehicles
Pages 102-112
Felipe Jiménez



Application of He’s variational iteration method to the estimation of diaphragm deflection in MEMS capacitive microphone
Pages 113-120
Saeed Rastegar, Bahram Azizollah Ganji, Mojtaba Varedi, Mehran Erza



Pleasure detection by online brain–computer interface
Pages 121-128
Zia Mohy-Ud-Din, Sang Hyo Woo, Jung hyun Lee, Maan Gee Lee, Jee Hyun Kim, Jin Ho Cho



Extracting local mechanical properties of steel bars by means of instrumented flat indentation
Pages 129-138
Alberto Boschetto, Fabrizio Quadrini, Erica Anna Squeo



Critical aspects of the uncertainty budget in the gravimetric PM measurements
Pages 139-147
G. Buonanno, M. Dell’Isola, L. Stabile, A. Viola



A method for discriminating original pulses in online partial discharge measurement
Pages 148-158
Mehdi Allahbakhshi, Asghar Akbari



Electrical resistivity as a measure of change of state in substrates: Design, development and validation of an automated system
Pages 159-163
Dong Le, Vijay Vaidyanathan, Shailesh Vidhate, Jaycee Chung, Nandika D’Souza



Cylindricity measurement by the V-block method – Theoretical and practical problems
Pages 164-173
S. Adamczak, D. Janecki, K. Stepien



Vehicle detection and classification by measuring and processing magnetic signal
Pages 174-180
Jinhui Lan, Yong Xiang, Liping Wang, Yuqiao Shi



Measurement of functional impairments in human locomotion using pattern analysis
Pages 181-191
T. Sarkodie-Gyan, Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, A. Abdelgawad, E. Spier, R. Brower



A dam assessment support system based on physical measurements, sensory evaluations and expert judgements
Pages 192-201
Corinne Curt, Aurélie Talon, Gilles Mauris



User interface for optical multi-sensorial measurements at extruded profiles
Pages 202-210
Johannes Bernstein, Albert Weckenmann



A relative calibration method for a valve leakage rate measurement system
Pages 211-218
M. Noipitak, A. Prateepasen, W. Kaewwaewnoi



Method, algorithm and device for estimation of components above the harmonic frequency range up to 9 kHz
Pages 219-229
Tomasz Tarasiuk



Optimization of the frequency-modulated continuous wave technique for referencing and multiplexing intensity-based fiber optic sensors
Pages 230-237
R.A. Perez-Herrera, D.A. Pereira, O. Frazão, J.M. Castro Ferreira, J.L. Santos, F.M. Araújo, L.A. Ferreira, J.M. Baptista, M. Lopez-Amo



Estimator-analyzer of power quality: Part I – Methods and algorithms  Original Research Article
Pages 238-247
Tomasz Tarasiuk



Estimator–analyzer of power quality: Part II – Hardware and research results
Pages 248-258
Tomasz Tarasiuk, Mariusz Szweda, Marcin Tarasiuk



Pyrometric temperature measurement of ceramic thermal shock samples
Pages 259-266
R. Pulz, B. Rehmer, B. Skrotzki



Detection of heroin covered by skin by using robust principal components analysis
Pages 267-273
Wei Li, Daoyang Yu, Fang Zhang, Bai Sun, Jinyun Liu, Minqiang Li, Jinhuai Liu



Underwater half-cell corrosion potential bench mark measurements of corroding steel in concrete influenced by a variety of material science and environmental engineering variables  Original Research Article
Pages 274-280
Raja Rizwan Hussain



A novel approach of analog circuit fault diagnosis using support vector machines classifier
Pages 281-289
Jiang Cui, Youren Wang



Powder size measurement by acoustic emission
Pages 290-297
Alberto Boschetto, Fabrizio Quadrini


Short Communication



A positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopic study of nanocrystals formation in a chalcogenide glass–ceramic
Pages 298-302
Jiaxiang Nie, Fang Xia, Runsheng Yu, Baoyi Wang, Zhuoxin Li, Guorong Chen

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