Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44, 2



Date: February 2011




Pneumatic gauge steady-state modelling by theoretical and empirical methods
Pages 303-311
Vladimir B. Bokov



Prediction of calcium concentration in human blood serum using an artificial neural network
Pages 312-319
P. Neelamegam, A. Jamaludeen, A. Rajendran



Piezoelectric based resonant mass sensor using phase measurement
Pages 320-325
K. Suresh, G. Uma, B.V.M.P. Santhosh Kumar, U. Varun Kumar, M. Umapathy



Design and implementation of a portable electronic system for vehicle–driver–route activity measurement
Pages 326-337
Felipe Espinosa, José A. Jiménez, Enrique Santiso, Alfredo Gardel, Diego Pérez, Jesús Casanova, Carlos Santos



Design, calibration and error analysis of a piezoelectric thrust dynamometer for small thrust liquid pulsed rocket engines
Pages 338-344
Qin Xing, Jun Zhang, Min Qian, Zhenyuan Jia, Baoyuan Sun



Roundness error evaluation algorithm based on polar coordinate transform
Pages 345-350
Xianqing Lei, Chunyang Zhang, Yujun Xue, Jishun Li



Investigations of new possibilities in the calibration of diamond hardness indenters geometry
Pages 351-358
Alessandro Germak, Claudio Origlia



Method for altering deformational characteristics of controlled-clearance piston-cylinders
Pages 359-364
Hiroaki Kajikawa, Kazunori Ide, Tokihiko Kobata



Analysis of profile measurement techniques employed to surfaces planed by an active machining system
Pages 365-377
S. Elmas, N. Islam, M.R. Jackson, R.M. Parkin



Smart portable noninvasive instrument for detection of internal air leakage of a valve using acoustic emission signals
Pages 378-384
A. Prateepasen, W. Kaewwaewnoi, P. Kaewtrakulpong



Estimation of fixed-point temperatures – A practical approach
Pages 385-390
Gunter Krapf, Marc Schalles, Thomas Fröhlich



Quantitative identification of illicit drugs by using SOM neural networks
Pages 391-398
He Ting, Shen Jingling, Liang Meiyan



Design and performance of an advanced metrology building for MIKES
Pages 399-425
A. Lassila, M. Kari, H. Koivula, U. Koivula, J. Kortström, E. Leinonen, J. Manninen, J. Manssila, T. Mansten, T. Meriläinen, J. Muttilainen, J. Nissilä, R. Nyblom, K. Riski, J. Sarilo, H. Isotalo



Integration of a laser interferometer and a CMM into a measurement system for measuring internal dimensions
Pages 426-433
Tadej Tasic, Bojan Acko



Diagnosis of gas fluctuations of aerostatic guideway
Pages 434-444
Dongju Chen, Jinwei Fan, Feihu Zhang



Measurement system for wind turbines noises assessment based on LabVIEW
Pages 445-453
Lin Bo, Xiaofeng Liu, Xingxi He



Investigation for dimension effect on mechanical behavior of a metallic curved micro-cantilever beam
Pages 454-465
Alireza Shooshtari, Hamed Kalhori, Amirhasan Masoodian



Development of a novel profile measurement system for actively planed surfaces
Pages 466-477
N. Islam, R.M. Parkin, M.R. Jackson, Z. Kesy



Optimum cut orientation of piezoelectric substrate and propagation direction of SAW for rotation rate sensor
Pages 478-486
Zhijun Chen, Xiaoning Zhang, Jianqing Xuan



Bridge vibration logarithmic decrement estimation at the presence of amplitude beat
Pages 487-492
Ž. Nakutis, P. Kaškonas



Improvements on a laser scattering technique for droplet size measurements applied to a gas–liquid separation equipment
Pages 493-499
J.M. Marchetti, H.F. Svendsen


Technical note




A simple and precise real-time four point single sinusoid signals instantaneous frequency estimation method for portable DSP based instrumentation  
Pages 500-502
Dragoş Nicolae Vizireanu

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