Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44, 3



Date: March 2011





The hybrid contact–optical coordinate measuring system
Pages 503-510
Jerzy Sładek, Paweł M. Błaszczyk, Magdalena Kupiec, Robert Sitnik


Regular Articles



The geometric dynamic errors of CMMs in fast scanning-probing
Pages 511-517
Wei Jinwen, Chen Yanling



Resistivity imaging of a reconfigurable phantom with circular inhomogeneities in 2D-electrical impedance tomography
Pages 518-526
Tushar Kanti Bera, Jampana Nagaraju



Laboratorial test monitoring applying photogrammetric post-processing procedures to surface displacements
Pages 527-538
D. Dias-da-Costa, Jónatas Valença, Eduardo N.B.S. Júlio



A novel method for construction of a point coordinate measuring instrument using ultrasonic waves
Pages 539-548
A. Mirahmadi, A. Mansourzadeh



Residual stress measurement in PVD optical coatings by microtopography
Pages 549-553
Manuel F.M. Costa, V. Teixeira



Thin bonding wires temperature measurement using optical fiber sensors
Pages 554-558
P. Antunes, A.M. Rocha, H. Lima, H. Varum, P.S. André



Measuring system for investigation of tri-axial stress distribution across the tyre–road contact patch
Pages 559-568
Gabriel Anghelache, Raluca Moisescu, Ştefan Sorohan, Dorin Bureţea



Application of Moiré interferometry to reconstruction of residual stress in cut railroad car wheels
Pages 569-579
R. Czarnek, A. Skrzat, S.Y. Lin



Optimization of tool geometry parameters for turning operations based on the response surface methodology
Pages 580-587
Süleyman Neşeli, Süleyman Yaldız, Erol Türkeş








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